Zero Waste Peace Silk Scarf


Large silk scarf from cruelty-free silk, with graphic black and white illustration. Size 90 x 90 cm.

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The design of this scarf is oriented towards eliminating pre-consumer waste derived from its manufacturing process and guarantees zero waste production.

The silk is organic and cruelty-free, dyes used are 100% toxic-free, whilst the scarf itself is both recyclable and biodegradable with no tags or additional elements.

0% pre-consumer waste origami envelope. No cuts or stickers needed.
0% post-consumer waste. All materials are recyclable.
Highly sustainable materials: Stone Paper for envelope and tag. Calcium carbonate stone dust based, no water, no trees, no chemicals, CO2 emissions 67% lower, energy usage 85% lower.
Tissue paper from recycled cellulose.

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100% cruelty-free silk (peace silk)


Black and White


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Black, White


One Size

How it´s made

Excellent working conditions

This product is made through a german-indian social entrepreneurship project called cocoon – crafts & loom, located in India. The business model has created employment opportunities in rural parts of India. While focusing on increasing the total living standard for the workers, all workers get a fair pay, and a comfortable lifestyle.

Supporting women

Through the social project Sidikai has chosen to manufacture this product, all the way from the harvesting of the silk, weaving and manufacturing of the scarf, they are supporting local women, making them able to adapt new professional skills and allowing for social and economic self-dependency.

Supporting education

By choosing this social project for the entire manufacturing of the scarf, Sidikai is also contributing to the projects schooling program for the children of the workers, where they get free access to quality education.

Supporting traditional skills

The project is working with silk experts of the region. This way Sidikai support local craftswomen and men, and give economic growth to their local community. The entire production is decentralized, which allows the silk farmers, spinners, weavers etc to work directly from their own areas. All the different units are well connected with centralized headquarters.


This product is grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards that protect the environment and wildlife. Natural methods are used to manage soil quality, diseases, and other issues that arise during the farming process. It is not made with use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides that strip land of nutrients, and artificial chemicals and GM (Genetically Modified) crops are banned.

As Cocoon do not use any chemical substances on the host tree for silk worms, there is possibilities of double crop production. Furthermore, cultivation of rice and potato has been successfully completed along with our host trees. Ecologically, the entire region appears significantly greener than previous times.

Organic products do not produce sewage sludge or ionizing radiation, and the organic materials have been sourced with use of natural pesticides. The treatment of the material is also chemical free and holistic. All of Sidikai´s fabrics are GOTS sertified.

Animal welfare

Sericulture or silk farming, is the rearing of silkworms to produce silk. It is mainly occurring in free nature and in some cases, indoor. In this process, the use of any kind of pesticides or genetic spray over leaves or trees is not performed. To keep silkworms safe from harmful insects or birds, large mosquito netting is attached to protect each tree where the silkworms live and breed. In some cases, Bio-Spray is used.

Carbon neutral distribution

All shipping emissions from manufacturing, transport and ecommerce sales for this product are offset through Sidikais Carbon Awareness Fee™ program. The fabric supplier has a 70% zero-carbon spinning and weaving process, while packing and storing of products are done with jute bags or reclaimed cardboards. Transport of silk cocoons or ready yarns to weavers in different areas is done by public transport state roadways or Indian railway.

No Waste

Sidikai have committed to work towards making their pre-consumer waste go to 0%. This product is part of a collection that is zero waste, which means it generates 0% textile waste in the production process.

All of Sidikai’s design is built on the No Waste principle, trying to make a result of nearly no waste at all. By focusing on highly innovative patterns, they reduce waste to the max. All items are produced, on demand as Made to Order, not before you order them, which also saves the environment from overproduction.

Non Toxic

All of Sidikai’s fabrics are certified GOTS and use no chemical products hazardous to environment. The fabric is only dyed with natural dyes.


Your purchase can be returned to Sidikai at any given moment in the future to be “retouched” and given it a second life.


The product is made of 100% cruelty-free peace silk, and has no tags or additional tags attached. This means that the product is biodegradable as is.

Water Saving

The fabric suppliers Sidikai work with have water saving plans in the fabric production process. Water usage is minimized in the production process with reclaiming used water by filtering the old used water. Residue from cocoon degumming is used as compost for agriculture.

Energy Saving

The fabric supplier has upgraded four out of twenty power looms with solar powered motors. Spinning and reeling is completely processed either manually or with solar machines. This makes 70% of the spinning and weaving operation zero-carbon.


Dry Clean, we urge you to use a green environmentally friendly one if available close to you :)


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