Venezia Knitted T-shirt

Knittet t-shirt shaped blouse in a cold dusty pink color..

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Feminine hole stitch pattern. It is made of pure wool which regulates temperature and transports humidity.  The colour palette is inspired by the Common Wood Pigeon.

Venezia is knitted ‘fully fashioned’. This means that the different parts of the sweater are knitted in their final shape – instead of being cut out of a bigger piece of knit – and that there are no leftovers that are not used. 

  • 98% less negative impact on the environment, compared to the production of new yarn

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100% recycled yarn. The yarn is made from collected materials that are sorted by similar shades and has not been dyed again before spun the second time. This gives the colour shades a beautiful melange look, with subtle nuances of other colours.

On the care label it says 95% wool, 5% other recycled fiber. That is because the manufacturer cannot garantee that no mistakes happen when the materials are sorted manually. However, the yarn should contain lambs wool only.

Spun in France, knitted in Mauritius.


Knitted pattern in dusty cold pink.

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dusty pink, Pink


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Good working conditions

This product is knitted in a factory in Mauritius, following European standards and salaries. The recycled yarn is spun in France.

Reducing waste

Using discarded material and making it into new long lasting high quality products elevates the value of the raw material and reduces waste.

Hekne never buy big amounts of fabric for production, to make sure they don’t end up with excess materials. They don’t mind using the same materials for different collections if it means using what they already have in stock, and they want to give their garments a life that lasts longer than one season. Taking the wool through the process also makes it almost pilling-free.


The yarn that this product is made of is made out of 100 % recycled material, broken down and spun into new thread.

Low Toxic

The yarn is made of 85% wool and 5% other fibres, all recycled. This process is an excellent way of making new high quality materials out of waste, but knowing the origin of the recycled material is difficult. We therefore mark this product as Low Toxic as the process itself cleans the yarn.

Energy Saving

The recycled yarn used in all the knitted garments has not been dyed a second time. This saves a lot of energy. There are also using e.g. natural coloured wool, where energy have been saved skipping the dyeing process.

Water Saving

The recycled yarn used in all knitted garments have not been dyed a second time. This saves a lot of water. Hekne also use e.g. natural coloured wool, where water have been saved skipping  the dyeing process.



Total length 58 60 62 64 66
Sleeve length 26 27 28 29 30
Around the bust 88 92 96 100 104


Gentle machine wash with wool detergent at 30 degrees, wool program, or by hand. Instead of washing too often, hang outside on a cold day or in a steamy bathroom (eg. while having a shower) and it will get fresh and clean again.



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