Twisted Cuff Silk Shirt


Dusty pink organic silk shirt with incredible cut.


The twisted cuff silk shirt is a real classic, but with elevated large twisted cuffs with buttoning that opens up all the way to the shoulder if you want to make a real statement. This shirt can be worn to look pulled together, but can also, by emphasizing on the cuffs and open up the buttoning, look like a real statement piece dressed up for evening or events.

Like with so many BITE Studios-pieces, its the masculine, a bit oversized cut, meeting the feminine, making you feel pulled together yet relaxed and cool.

NOTE! The shirt is in real life a bit colder in tone and shiny in texture than the lookbook images. We’ve therefore uploaded some images from our physical store, describing color and texture more accurately.

Produced in



100% Organic Silk (GOTS Certified)


Dusty rose pink

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UK10, UK6, UK8


dusty pink, Pink

Eco Info

Excellent working conditions

This product is produced in Porto, Portugal. Every piece is handcrafted by artisans and tailors.

Supporting Traditional Skills

The artisanal tailor workshop where this product is made is located in Porto, and is built on using the tailoring skills of craftsmen and women.  BITE Studio is deeply involved in the process, and make sure that every worker is treated fairly and get a living wage.

Low Carbon Footprint

This product has a low Carbon Footprint. as BITE only work with suppliers who are constantly looking for new ways to make their work green. All materials are sourced  as close to the production sites in Europe as possible.

Organic material

The organic silk is 100% GOTS certified. It is soft, kind to the skin and better for the environment.

All production of the raw material  in compliance with organic agricultural standards that protect the environment and wildlife. Natural methods are used to manage soil quality, diseases, and other issues that arise during the farming process. It is not made with use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides that strip land of nutrients, and artificial chemicals and GM (Genetically Modified) crops are banned. The production, treatment and feeding of the silk moths is done without the use of harmful pesticides, using crop alteration and good organic production methods instead.

Organic products do not produce sewage sludge or ionizing radiation, and the organic materials have been sourced with use of natural pesticides. The treatment of the material is also chemical free and holistic.


Except the buttons, tags and thread, this product is biodegradable and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials a long long time from now in the future when they are worn out. The buttons and tags can be removed before and the thread can be removed after the fabric has biodegraded.

Circular business model

This product can be sold back to BITE Studios if it ends up not being used. Contact us here  and we will guide you in how to get it returned.

Low Carbon Footprint

This product has a low Carbon Footprint. as BITE only work with suppliers who are constantly looking for new ways to make their work green. All materials are sourced  as close to the production sites in Europe as possible.

Non Toxic

This product is made with certified organic fabric, and colored without use of harmful chemicals. The making of the raw material is also done using natural methods, avoiding chemicals and toxic materials, which stays both in the product and in the environment around the production site.

Water Saving

This product is saving water by being produced with organic raw material. The organic way of producing not only eliminate use of harmful chemicals but also reduced water use.
No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton. It doesn’t damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy. Conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides (source


Hand wash machine program 30° with mild detergent for silk


Choose your normal size.  Those with a petite frame may wish to take the next size down.


Compared to EUR sizing we will suggest that a size 6 is compares to a 34-36, size 8 compares to a size 36-38, and a size 10 compares with a size 38-40, a bit dependent on bust-size.

Got questions about size, colour or fit?  Ask us here!

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14 days open return from the day you receive your order. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer.
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