Tweed Jacket

Jacket with elastic waistband, made in original Harris Tweed.

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Note that this jacket is possible to get in a multitude of Hassis Tweed patterns, find link below, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Emma wears her Harris Tweed jacket with Soyaaulait 100% cashmere knitted pants and Jerfertti organic tanned leather tote bag

Produced in

Oslo, Norway


100% Wool (Original Harris Tweed. More in Eco Info)
Lining: 100% Viscose


You can choose the tweed featured here or you can choose your own by your own tweed by tapping the CUSTOM COLOR button. You will at all time find all available colours here . We follow up after ordering to make sure we get your preferred pattern.


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Custom Colour, Purple


34, 36, 38, 40, 42, Custom Made

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Eco Info


Excellent working conditions

Your product is made of 100% Pure New Wool, dyed, blended, carded, spun, warped, woven, finished, examined and stamped in the Scottish Outer Hebrides by local crofters and artisans.
The weaving process is done in the artisants homes, as the laws outline in the 1993 Harris Tweed Act of Parliament.

At the heart of the Harris Tweed industry lies the relationship between the weavers and the mills. Neither can survive without the other and they are connected through the process of making the tweed. There are also professional wool dyers and blenders, yarn spinners and warpers, cloth finishers and stampers and many more roles in between. They are all part of a slow traditional way of producing.

The making of this product is done in Oslo, Norway. Ingrid Pettersson is a young Norwegian designer, and her forte is the way she makes her own twist and turns with otherwise traditional materials. Your product is handcrafted in her studio.


High Quality

Harris Tweed is a handmade fabric, and the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by traditional methods. It was originally developed because it was ideal for protection against the colder climate in the North of Scotland, but that also means today that it is made for longevity, and guarantees the highest quality,

Before finishing it up, it is washed and beated in soda and soapy water, before it is dried, steamed, pressed and cropped to a perfect, flawless condition. The final process is the examination by the independent Harris Tweed Authority, before application of the famous “Orb Trademark” which is ironed on to the reverse of the fabric as the ultimate seal of approval.

Your product is warm in winter and cool in summer. It resists water and wear and tear with ease, cleans easily and can be repaired with the simplest of tools.

Animal Welfare

The sheep that gave their wool to this product lives on the Scottish mainland. In the early summer, the island communities join together to round up and shear the local sheep. Like the whole process of Harris Tweed, this is also done in a slow manner with care for animals.

Biodegradable and Non Toxic

Except the buttons, lining and zipper, this product is biodegradable and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials a long long time from now in the future when they are worn out.

From the beginning, Harris Tweed was coloured with natural dyes, but this process can no longer be carried out, as the vegetation is now protected. The colouring process is still truly ecologically sound, and done with low-impact VOC (volatile organic compound) absorbent production process, it is non-allergenic and biodegradable.


Supporting Traditional Skills

Harris tweed have been woven For centuries and was originally made by crofters for familial use. The The Orb Trademark was registered in 1910.  Each inch of wool is dyed and spun in an island mill and every yard is handwoven in the home of a Harris Tweed weaver. These skills are passed down from generation to generation of the island’s community with pride. When you buy a product made from Harris Tweed, you support a tradition that needs to be aknowledged and continued.  You are now supporting low-impact handwoven production methods and true artisans.

Energy Saving

Your product is woven on treadle powered looms, crafted by hand without the aid of automation or electricity.

Low Transport Footprint

This product has a low Transport Footprint, as the journey it takes from us to your door is shipped with DHL, which is working to achieve zero emissions by 2050.





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Hand wash Machine program, inside out or with washing bag.  Use Wool detergent


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