Striped Cotton Longsleeve / White & Blue


The classic iconic striped longsleeve.

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Produced in

Rimini, Italy


100% Organic Cotton


White + dark blue stripes

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black & White, stripes


L, M, S, XL

Eco Info


Excellent Working Conditions

This product is made in small batches in Italy where every worker gets fair pay and living wages. All European rules are followed in regards to health and safety, and to work here, means you’ve got years of experience within Italian local textile craftsmanship, and time is set aside to make sure this knowledge is preserved and passed on to the next generation.

Organic Cotton as raw material

The organic cotton in this product is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard. It is super soft, kind to the skin and better for the environment. It is grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards that protect the environment and wildlife. Natural methods are used to manage soil quality, diseases, and other issues that arise during the farming process. It is not made with use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides that strip land of nutrients, and artificial chemicals and GM (Genetically Modified) crops are banned.

Organic products do not produce sewage sludge or ionizing radiation, and the organic materials have been sourced with use of natural pesticides. The treatment of the material and the coloring process is also chemical free.


This product does not contain any animal material or byproducts from animals.

High Quality

Lungomare aim to produce clothes that last for a lifetime, and which can be worn over and over without loosing its beauty and comfort.

Non Toxic

The raw material of this product is not treated or made with the use of  chemicals.


This product is biodegradable and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials when worn out. Remove tags before composting, and remove thread later on as this will not biodegrade.

Supporting Traditional Skills

This product is made by local laboratories and workshops in Italy with decades of experience, and use traditional methods and processing. Lungomare’s complete production cycle takes place in Italy, and they deliberately choose to do so to utilize the best “Made in Italy” textile workers.

Low Transport Footprint

This product has a low Transport Footprint, as the journey it takes from us to your door is shipped with DHL, who are working to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Low Carbon Footprint

By sourcing all materials and producing in Italy, as close to home as possible, Lungomare contributes to saving travel miles and carbon emissions involved in the production process.


This is a soft flexible cotton, will stretch a bit.

Flat measure:

A   Bust                                  48 cm
B   Bottom measure         47 cm
C   Sleeve length               57,8 cm
D   Wrist                                11 cm
E   Shoulder length          42,5 cm
F   Side Length                   38 cm
E   Neck Opening               27 cm

A   Bust                                  50 cm
B   Bottom measure         49 cm
C   Sleeve length               59 cm
D   Wrist                                11,5 cm
E   Shoulder length          44 cm
F   Side Length                   39 cm
E   Neck Opening               28 cm

A   Bust                                  52 cm
B   Bottom measure         51 cm
C   Sleeve length               60,3 cm
D   Wrist                                12 cm
E   Shoulder length          45,5 cm
F   Side Length                   40 cm
E   Neck Opening               29 cm

A   Bust                                  54 cm
B   Bottom measure         53 cm
C   Sleeve length               61,6 cm
D   Wrist                                12,5 cm
E   Shoulder length          47 cm
F   Side Length                   41 cm
E   Neck Opening               30 cm

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Gentle wash Machine program with mild detergent.



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