Sirus T-shirt / Taupe Melange


Lightweight knitted top in linen and Tussah peace silk blend.




Short kimono style sleeves and ribbed sleeve hems that can be folded up. Generous and boxy fit that drapes beautifully. Tubular rib at neck and ribbed bottom hem. Made of a crispy and fresh lightweight yarn to wear throughout the summer. Tuck into trousers for a high-end laidback look.

A luxurious and fresh linen-silk blend from Italy with natural melange. Both of the fibres are famous for their natural lustre and breathability. Linen gives the fabric structure and dry hand, while the silk gives it shine and smooth hand.

Produced in

(yarn made in Italy)


70% Linen, 30% Tussah Silk


Taupe Melange

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beige, Neutrals


L, M, S

Eco Info

Excellent working conditions

This product is made in Lithuania. Every worker is paid fair wages, and the factory follows modern standards for safety. MASKA keeps a tight relationship with their production sites, as both the conditions but also the quality of their products is vital to them. They also constantly challenge their status quo and evolve to do better.

Supportin traditional skills

The process of making this high quality organic cotton/hemp blend, involves time consuming slow techniques, which are evolved and harnessed over centuries.  This way of doing production supports craftsmanship that in many parts of our world are about to be forgotten.

Tussah silk

The silk used in this garment is Tussah peace silk, guaranteeing that the silk is raised peacefully with no harmful substances. Tussah or wild silk is harvested after the moths have left the cocoons, unlike commercially reared silkworms, which are normally killed before the pupae emerge. The indian tussah silkworm is found wild on forest trees. The silk is extremely durable, but cannot be easily reeled off the cocoon and is thus spun like cotton or wool.

The wild silk worms often produce a tougher and rougher silk than that from domesticated silkworms. It is more difficult to bleach and dye, but most have naturally attractive colours. This thread is not colored and has its natural shine.


The linen is certified EUROPEAN FLAX® which is a guarantee of local farming that respects the environment, and commits to zero irrigation, zero GMO, and zero waste. Fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical meaning zero chemicals are being used in the process. The linen used in this product is not colored and has its natural shine.

Made to Last

The aim of MASKA is to create knitwear with a quality superior to what you find on the mass marked. Therefore there are made no compromises in any part of the production process.

Your product is made to be versatile, timeless and last for a lifetime, and hopefully even pass on to the next generation! MASKA only use strong, natural fibres which have beneficial properties, they believe in slow fashion – an unhurried processes.  The label believes there is a new way of consuming, where long lasting products and quality goes before temporary fast fashion.

Your garment has been carefully considered from start to finish: from the initial design, to the sourcing, sampling, production and distribution of every item.

Non Toxic

This product has not been made using harmful chemicals.


This product is biodegradable and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials when worn out. The thread is not, and can be removed when fiber is broken down.



  • The model is 174 cm and wearing a size S.
  • Normal fit

Length                60 Cm
Chest With      140 Cm
Sleeve Length  43 Cm

Length                61 Cm
Chest With      146 Cm
Sleeve Length  44,5 Cm

Length                62 Cm
Chest With      152 Cm
Sleeve Length  46 Cm

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Gentle machine wash with mild detergent.


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3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)

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