Second Skin Top


The softest most comfortable cool cut basic top.


Made out of a viscose and elastane blend to create that ultra soft feeling. It’s sleeveless, fits tightly and has a deep rounded neckline. A very flattering shape that’s supposed to be worn as a second skin.


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95% Ecovero Viscose, 5% Elastane


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Eco Info

Excellent working conditions

This product is produced in Porto, Portugal. Every worker get living wage and good and secure working conditions.


This products does not contain any animal material or by-product from animals.

Use of synthetics

We try to avoid presenting any products with synthetic parts, as they are more difficult to recycle, and as we also know, plastic is not in any way good for our world, but for some pieces which are going to be worn over and over, day after day, it is a great pluss in regards to quality and longevity to add some synthetics to the mix. As BITE Studios also made their own return-system for all products they produce, where you can sell them back, we are ok with this limited use of non-organic/biodegradable material.

Circular business model

This product can be sold back to BITE Studios if it ends up not being used. Contact us here  and we will guide you in how to get it sold back.

Supporting Traditional Skills

The artisanal tailor workshop where this product is made is located in Porto, and is built on using the tailoring skills of craftsmen and women.  BITE Studio is deeply involved in the process, and make sure that every worker is treated fairly and get a living wage.

Low Carbon Footprint

This product has a low Carbon Footprint. as BITE only work with suppliers who are constantly looking for new ways to make their work green. All materials are sourced  as close to the production sites in Europe as possible.

Ecovero as raw material

ECOVERO™ is a branded fiber from the Lenzing group. The fibers are mainly manufactured from wood, sourced from sustainable forests. Ecovero fiber is eco-friendly, and biodegradable. The fiber will usually degrade completely in just eight days in waste treatment plants. As this product has a synthetic part, it is not possible to biodegrade, Ecovero however has many other great qualities and is produced in a environmentally friendly way by Lenzing group.

The production of Ecovero is 99% a closed loop production. The production of the fiber is done in Austria and waste products in the air and water from the manufacturing process are minimal, and considered harmless. The process to manufacture Ecovero-fiber is in fact very nearly a closed loop process in which bleach is not required.

Water Saving

The water use in the making of Ecovero is really low, and the loop is closed, which again means that water is rinsed and reused.


Machine program 30°


This top is made to be figure hugging, either worn as a base layer or alone. It is extra long and can be both tucked into pants or skirts, or be worn on top of them.

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14 days open return from the day you receive your order. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer.
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