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The silver seahorse pin is a piece meant to symbolize natures own swap of the traditional gender labels and how we can work towards a more gender-neutral society.

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The Seahorse pin is made to show support and respect to a more gender neutral society. The seahorse is a small and fascinating creature as their natural swap of traditional roles get the male pregnant and the one that gives birth.

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100% 925 Sterling Silver


— ”the seahorse” is an ongoing project about gender and how to transform a statement into a physical object that can be worn by people. A seahorse is a unique animal as their reproduction process is followed by the male getting pregnant and give birth.

This perspective can challenge how we react to gender and how we may consider our
identity in terms of what gender we represent. After living in Berlin, Madelen Isa experienced the wide specter of cultural differences regarding gender and decided to create a piece that could open up the dialog around the subject.

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Excellent working conditions

Every piece is made on demand by the designer hands in her studio in Oslo.


This product does not contain any animal matter or biproducts from animals.

Supporting traditional Skills

The casting and handcrafting involved in making these silver pieces, are old and important to preserve. Doing things in a slow way, makes the value of each piece higher. It is touched and cared for, and every piece is, though made with excellent craftsmanship, slightly different from the other.

Reducing waste with Made to Order

Every piece in this collection is made after ordering, which means that there are no overproduction.

Low Toxic

Chemicals used in the production is minimal, and all use is controlled in regards to storing and disposal in a proper manner, following Norwegian laws and guidelines.



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