Roue Leather Sighthound

Luxury collar that will last a lifetime.

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Designed with a wider cut to provide comfortable support to sighthound necks and made by hand using traditional leather crafting techniques. The ROUE collar is fitted with a brass O-ring, making it perfect for tassels or to attach an ID-tag. Designed for sighthounds – worn beautifully by all breeds

Note! This product is Made To Order, which means that it is produced for YOU and only after confirmed order. It will take Thea and her team up to three weeks to make your product, so remember to add this to the shipping time.

Produced in



Vegetable tanned full grain leather
Solid cast brass hardware. (Nickel free)



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L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL



Buckle to first setting: 24cm

Buckle to last setting: 28cm

Widest point on neckband: 4cm


Buckle to first setting: 28cm

Buckle to last setting: 32cm

Widest point on neckband: 4cm


Buckle to first setting: 32cm

Buckle to last setting: 38cm

Widest point on neckband: 5cm


Buckle to first setting: 38cm

Buckle to last setting: 44cm

Widest point on neckband: 5cm


Buckle to first setting: 44cm

Buckle to last setting: 52cm

Widest point on neckband: 6cm

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Leather is a material that loves to get used! When properly taken care of it ages gracefully and will last you a lifetime.

Clean with a damp cotton cloth and leave to dry. When dry, apply a thin layer of leather fat with a soft shoe brush, a soft cotton cloth or even better – directly with your hands. We recommend using a colour neutral colour, natural leather fat without silicones. A natural, chemical free leather fat will agree with your dogs coat too.

After washing or after a wet and rainy day out, it’s a good idea to let your leather goods dry at room temperature. If the leather is dried in high temperatures, for example on a warm bathroom floor or radiator, it might retract and get dry and stiff. We use only vegetable tanned leather for all the products that will be in contact with your dogs skin and fur. Vegetable tanned basically means that the leather has been dyed with natural products like oak, spruce bark, quebracho, olive leaves and mimosa bark. By using vegetable tanned leather, we eliminate the risk of allergies that can be caused by chrome tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather will age more naturally than chrome tanned and this will result in a more individual look over time. Nude coloured products will get darker  when used and when leather fat or conditioner is applied. In summary: use your leather goods as much as possible, keep them clean and apply fat and love on occasion.

In summary: use your leather goods as much as possible, keep them clean and apply fat and love on occasion.

Brass is a metal that is completely free of nickel. We use solid brass hardware in our products to eliminate the risk of nickel allergies. It is also a beautiful material that ages with grace. Because the hardware we use is solid cast, there will never be any unwanted change in colour. Brass however can get dull over time, to get it all nice and shiny again you can simply use a brass polish and wipe with a damp cloth or use some pretty cool natural tricks:

Option 1 – Ketchup!

Simply rub a thin layer onto the brass, let sit for an hour or so and then clean with hot soapy water.

Option 2 – For more heavily tarnished brass

1/2 cup baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp of salt into a small bowl. Mix the ingredients together and apply a thick layer of the paste onto the brass. Then simply rinse off with cool water.

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This product is shipped from Norway

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3-5 business days for Europe


3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)


3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)

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How its made

Excellent working conditions

This product is made by hand by Thea, the human, in her studio located in Norway.

Excellent Animal Welfare

The leather used in this product is sourced back to a specific farm in Sweden, where the animals are treated with respect.

Supporting traditional skills

This product is handcrafted, made to last, and every aspect of the production is done with quality and craftmanship in mind. By using old techniques of leather craftmanship, Thea is preserving local heritage and keeping handcraft in mind.

Low carbon footprint

This product has a low Carbon Footprint. as Canem only work with suppliers who are constantly looking for new ways to make their work green. All materials are sourced as close to the production sites in Norway as possible, this leather is from Sweden


Your dog gear is high quality and meant to last for a lifetime, but if you one day should decide to get rid of it, you can dismantle it and biodegrade the leather together with other biodegradable material. The metal pieces can be used again for other purposes.

Use of organic holistic leather

The leather used for this product is from farmed cows in Sweden region, where the whole animal is used for food-purposes.The leather used in this product comes from the food industry and the whole animal is used for food purposes.

Non Toxic

This product does not contain any chemicals.

Vegetable tanned full grain leather

This product is made with the use of vegetable tanned leather from Sweden.

Vegetable tanned leather earned its name because only natural tannins are used, those found in tree barks, fruits and leaves, and usual use of Chrome is left out of the process. This ensures the the wonderful scent of 100% organic vegetable tanned leather, the unique characteristics and makes it easily distinguishable. As a sign of authenticity, no two items are the same, and the leather will gain character, reveal imperfections and reflect the individual owner’s lifestyle.


Waste reduction and water saving

The way of treating leather with vegetable tanning is done with respect for water use, and also takes into consideration that all excess material should go back into production or otherwise come to use. Therefore water is rinsed in the process and in addition to not containing any chemicals, it is cleaned according to Swedish law before going back into nature. The hair from the leather hides are used as fertilizer, and the sludge get used in the building business and becomes bricks

Reducing waste with made to order

All Canem products are made on demand, not before you order them, which also saves the environment from overproduction.