Patterned Coat in White


Beautiful one-off coat, handcrafted in Oslo.

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Made in collaboration with the second hand store and social enterprise Fretex.

Made from collected discarted fabric that would not be used as they are. Designer Eline Dragesund and our team of local tailors have transformed then into one-off coats. Every piece is handcrafted in Oslo, and each one is unique. You can order an adjusted custom made version if you don’t think you will fit the pre-set size. Contact us to get an overview of available fabric.

Produced in

Oslo, Norway


100% up cycled  vintage fabric
Lining: Viscose


White with pattern

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Custom Made, M

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Excellent working conditions

The making of this product is done in Oslo, Norway. Eline Dragesund is a young Norwegian designer, and your coat is made in her studio or by one of the tailors that we have connected to the project. Your product is handcrafted from start to finish.

Up cycled fabric as raw material

This product is made of 100% Up Cycled material, collected at Fretex Norway. Fretex is a Second-Hand chain and a social enterprise established by the Norwegian Salvation Army. They are the main recipient of used materials from Oslo’s inhabitants, and this product is made out of one of these discarded materials.  and elevated into a new high quality product.

up-cycling happens in accordance with the resource-pyramid, which implies that if a fabric can be used in its original form or currant state when delivered to us, it should continue its life in that state. When it is not possible to sell in currant state, if it is destroyed e.g., we are open for  upcycling these fabrics into new ones.


This product does not contain any animal material or byproduct from animals.

Supporting Traditional Skills / becoming a social enterprice

Local production is something that is almost non-existant in Oslo, Norway. It once was. We are taking it back, both by employing local craftswomen and men but also by trying to establish something that can be a training ground and small batch production site for new tailors. You are now supporting low-impact handwoven production methods and true artisans. This collection of one-off coats also aim to give people work

Low Transport Footprint

This product has a low Transport Footprint, as the journey it takes from us to your door is shipped with DHL, which is working to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

We’ve collected discarted fabric that would not be used as they are, and our team of local tailors and designer Eline Dragesund have transformed then into coats. The design is developed by Eline Dragesund in collaboration with JF.  Every piece is handcrafted in Oslo, and each one is unique. You can order an adjusted custom made version if you don’t think you will fit the pre-set size. Choose from the fabric available and let us know which one you want in checkout window.

Low Carbon Footprint

This product, in a unique way, takes advantage of local resources. The available celection of sustainable raw material is not good in Norway, and usually desingers need to get them either developed from scratch or imported. This project uses something already considered to be waste, and gives it high value. By collecting them locally, we save a lot of travel miles and energy in the process. local resources in use, like we do here, and make them into beautiful products
elevate them and lift them into a luxury setting.

Made to Order

This product is initially made on demand. We’ve produced a few and will continue to produce some coats here and there. But we love when you are able to choose from the images we have available, which means that you get a coat made for you personally.

aims to build something that will give people work
prolongs the lifes of all these fabrics that would otherwise be distroyed.
give new oportunities for the used items that we receive and for people, and this project does both.

Waste Reduction

This product reduces waste and elevetas the value of things that where to be thrown away, and thereby reducing waste.


Pre-set size is a Scandinavian Medium.

If you want a Custom Made version, choose that tab and explain which fabric you want in info-window at checkout. We will follow up both on special requests you might have and if we need measurements, we will guide you through it.

Got questions about size, colour or fit?  Ask us here!


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14 days open return from the day you receive your order. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer.
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Customized Orders

Customized items are not returnable, but can always be cancelled up until the point where the designer starts the production process.

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