Omissa Quadra Shoulder Bag in Black


Classic everyday bag.

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Long chain strap which can be worn cross-body, and also doubled under the flap to wear as a shorter shoulder bag. Extra wide leather shoulder panel, dual compartment, main body with phone pockets and zip pocket, and an additional external back pocket. The suede tassel is completely removable for when a simpler look is desired, and can double as a key ring instead. Double magnet front flap closure. Gold ion-plated serpent motif and chain strap lined in 100% cotton twill. Comes in a cotton dustbag and AVGVS gift box

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black 100% lamb suede and calf leather
Chain: Gold ion plated zink alloy
Two magnet locks
Chain strap lining: 100% Cotton twill

Additional information



How it's made


Vegetable tanned leather – 100% chemical free

The leather used for this product is vegetable tanned in Italy. This process is done without the use of Chrome or any harmful chemicals, and is a completely organic process.

Excellent working conditions

This product is made in a factory in southern China. AVGVS’ relationship with their suppliers are about so much more than doing business together – it is about a shared ethical philosophy. All their factory partners are carefully chosen and have an amazing track record for upholding strong principles around workers’ rights. Furthermore, AVGVS engage Intertek to conduct a Workplace Conditions Assessment for each supplier they work with, to ensure they are complying with (and surpassing) expected global standards. They also have a Sourcing and Production manager situated in Hong Kong doing all day to day communications with the factory.

Supporting traditional skills

This product is made with quality from start to finish. It is a work that needs skills and knowledge. From the farms to the tanning process to the making of the product itself, traditional skills and European artisanal techniques have been kept alive and chosen over faster and cheaper methods. It is important to take care of the old ways of treating and mending so they are not forgotten.

Supporting women

AVGVS take part in the global charity concept Dress for Success (DFS), working closely with the organization’s department in Sidney. DFS aims to help and support underprivileged women into better career possibilities and ultimately, a permanent job. All AVGVS staff, including the founder Rosanna get one day every 6 to 8 weeks where they can opt to go and do voluntary work for DFS, doing styling, sorting and ironing clothes that have been donated, and supporting the running of career support workshops. AVGVS also donate accessories to the organization so they can dress clients, or sell them at their fashion sale events to raise money to provide their services.

Holistic leather

The lamb and calf skin used in this product comes from highly reputable Italian tanneries that source their leather from local farms. These animals were part of Italian livestock and are by-products from the food industry and the whole animal is used, not just the skin.

Partly biodegradable – rest is recyclable

As mentioned above, the tanning process and treatment of the leather is chemical free, and can therefore, once upon a time in the future, be biodegraded together with other biodegradable matter and used as fertilizer for food production.

The wrap boxes are paper and wood and can be broken down biologically as well when sorted according to your local recycling system. The box is designed in such a way that is can be used as a storage box so that it has a second life. It can also be folded flat.

Water and energy saving

The tanning methods and the hardware methods are both water saving. The tanning process conserves both water and energy, and greatly minimize pollution by using natural treatments.

In the processes where chemicals are used, the residue is captured and disposed without any environmental damage.

When it comes to the metal chains, which are gold plated zinc alloy – the plating method itself is extremely important, Water-plating is very commonly used and does have an environmental impact as it creates water wastage, while AVGVS’ hardware suppliers use a type of acidic plating that is waterless, low energy and environmentally safe.

AVGVS’ warehouse is energy saving, with self-regulating climate control, and with lights that go on only when needed.

Choosing lamb instead of cow leather also has an impact on the world’s deforestation. Sheep need less space to graze and also sustain nature in doing so, when grazing outside.

Low Carbon footprint

AVGVS want to have as small a footprint as possible. They choose to have their warehouse as close to the place of manufacturing as possible, therefore all products are shipped from Hong Kong, not Australia, just 2 hours away by truck from the production site.

The brand is also looking into the possibility of moving the tanning process to China, as one of the Italian tanneries has just commenced a joint venture with a tannery in China and is teaching them the environmentally sound practices so they can achieve the same results in China. This will reduce the carbon footprint even further.

They also think out how to make smart moves in regards to reducing carbon footprint, like the construction of the box, which is made in such a way that it takes up very little space when it is transported.

Partly non toxic and low toxic

The treatment of the leather is completely organic and non-toxic. The metal chains are gold plated zinc alloy treated with waterless acidic plating which demands the use of chemicals, but when stored and treated right is both low energy and environmentally safe.

Reducing waste in production and packaging

The luxury packaging is as sustainable sourced as possible to make it recyclable. The paper  is FSC approved (Forestry Stewardship Council) This means that there been responsible management in the production of the paper, that the trees that are cut to make the paper are replaced with new ones in controlled and managed forests. The core of the box is made of recycled wood.

The paper used in AVGVS’ office is at least 30% recycled, and 100% if they can.

Last but not least: it is made to last!

AVGVS make enduring design and celebrate traditional craftsmanship techniques used to make relevant design to slow down the cycle of consumption. creating high quality products with a long life cycle, Founder Rosanna says:

“I believe in the concept of “slow fashion”, where a shift towards owning items of enduring quality prevails over the current culture of fast and disposable fashion of poor quality, that ultimately ends up as landfill”



This item’s measurements are:
Width: 30cm / 11.8in
Height: 25cm / 9.8in
Depth: 7.5cm / 3.0in
Strap drop: 56cm / 22.0in
Strap length: 117cm/46.0in


Store your bag in the dustbag when not in use for a longer period of time, to keep it pristine.

Cleaning the bag with a soft damp cloth is recommended.


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Fun Fact

This bag is inspired by Perilous Beauty

The Drosera Omissa is a species of pygmy sundew. Frequently found in Western Australia, this tiny carnivorous plant lures and
captures its prey through its shiny but sticky leaf surface.