Laurien Cable Knit Sweater


Hand knitted alpaca sweater.

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Jersey sweater with cable knit. Easy boxy body with raglan shoulder and dramatic sleeves full of thin cables
Clean finish deep V neck (NOTE: V is not quite as low as the sample shot in the photos, so can be worn alone)

Produced in



100% Alpaca,
knitted on artisanal Machine.
Cables/braids are hand knitted.


Cream White


Additional information


M, S


Grey, Neutrals, White

How it's made



Excellent working conditions

This product is 100% produced in Peru, the birthplace of the founder. Grace uses only artisans with knowledge of the traditional Peruvian craft for her production, and they are responsible the whole process. The relationship is close and consistent throughout the production process, and it is also an ongoing process, where knowledge and craftsmanship is further developed and refined for every season.

The Peruvian Alpaca industry supports more than 120, 000 local families. Peru is technologically advanced in respect to machines used while also sustaining local artisans with hand-knitting, it is a real blend of modern research and development with age-old craftsmanship. Peruvian Alpaca is a vertically integrated industry, from the breeding to the fiber through to the manufacturing of garments.

Animal Welfare Plus

The wool used to make this product is from small farms in the highlands of Peru, where the animals spends the year outside. Peru is home to 80% of the global Alpaca population. This product is also rewarded with the Animal Welfare Plus symbol, which implies that the designer  has a unique closeness to the animals involved in the production. Graciela hand her team have extensive knowledge about the animals and its welfare,  they have visited them, and also know the people who own and treat them, well.

Supporting Traditional Skills

Graciela Huam is committed to partneships with local entrepreneur artisans and small businesses, and is currently, working with 67 talented artisans. Every product uses traditional craftsmanship, either by handknitting or with artisan machines gauge 5 and 7. The size and pace of the production is entirely ruled by the season and techniques, and is never rushed. Graciela Huam doesn’t and will never work with industrial machines.

high quality products

This product is made to last in your wardrobe. The aim of the brand Graciela Huam is to create knitwear with a quality superior to what you find on the mass marked. Therefore there are made no  compromises in any parts of her production process. Nothing is left to chance, the time it takes and the skills of the artisans makes the quality of each chosen raw material impeccable.

Reducing Waste

Graciela Huam recycle all yarn that is left over in production and work hard to reduce waste in all other stage of production, from the tag labels to transportation.

Energy Saving

The workshop in Peru has more than 1,200 solar panels installed on the ample roof span. It provides for 80% of Graciela’s energy needs on the site. Also both the courier service and the company responsible for packaging and labeling are choosing energy saving methods whenever possible and both are CO2 neutral.

Supporting Education

This product actively supports education. Education is an important thing for Graciela Huam, and the foundation in the success of their textile communities. If future generations are going to be able to evolve and continue the artisanal work, they need access to information and knowledge about how to interpret it. They need to be able to decide, build and maintain.

Twice a year Graciela Huam organizes a visit to the city of Puno to train techniques, trends, European habits, color palettes and trade to the development and production team. This training of artisans, gives them the combination they need to be able to merge the traditional crafsmanship with the changing trends of the fashion scene. They train both male and female weaving producers in the developing, production, management and commercialization process of the products. blending Dutch and Peruvian traditions.

Graciela Huam also work on a project to improve the educational level in rural areas and the recognition of one of the most important ancestral traditions of Peru, such as Hand-knitting. Today there is only one official hand-knitting certifying center in Peru. Graciela Huam is therefore involved in the planning of a certification center in Puno and surrounding rural areas.

In the developing world people migrate to the big cities to get jobs and find a larger specter of opportunities, but they often end up in extreme poverty. Graciela Huam works to make job opportunities and local small businesses grow in rural places. In this way, they will be able to work and support their families. The goal is that the education in hand knitting and machine should be valued and recognized as a technical and artistic study in Peru.

Low Toxic

All raw material used for this product is made with the lowest possible use of chemicals. This product is also scoured with biodegradable detergent. The scouring water is treated and all the dirt and organic material is reused in the gardens of the factory or agricultural lands nearby.


True to size

Model is wearing size S



Machine Hand Wash program with mild detergent

And remember:

  • Wool is self-cleaning. After wearing, hang it out to air.
  • Don’t spot clean; always wash the whole garment, not just the part that has the stain.
  • Do not use bleach!
  • The thing that causes wool products to shrink and/or felt is temperature change and agitation while wet. So, the greater the temperature change and/or agitation the greater the risk of shrinking and felting – therefore Cold Wash program or 0 degrees program is the best choice.
  • Use a pH neutral detergent, or preferably a special wool washing detergent.


  • We do not recommend using a dryer. If you choose to risk to do so, use a delicate of fluff low temperature setting, and only leave the product in the dryer for a very short period of time.
  • Dry the product in a flat position, and out of sunlight. Never hang or lay a wool garment to dry when it is saturated in water. Try to remove as much of the water as possible and don’t lay it out on anything that absorbs moisture (such as a towel). Colors might run and the natural elasticity of the garment may deteriorate.
  • Some reshaping to the original dimensions may be necessary. Remove wrinkles and straighten seams by hand.
  • Do not use a brush, after the product has dried you may touch it up with a cold iron. Pilling and balling of your purchase is perfectly normal. To remove pilling, and keep your item looking fresh and recently bought, we recommend using a wool comb or do it by hand. It is natural and uses no chemicals or batteries.
  • When ironing, use a steam iron, or put a moist protective sheet between a regular iron and the woolen surface.



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