Janki X Lillunn Sighthound Cut Concrete

Quality collar in leather and wool.

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The Janki x Lillunn collar is made by hand using vegetable tanned leather and pure new Norwegian wool from the Gol area of Norway. It is made to last a lifetime and is available in a range of traditional Lillunn patterns. This collar is designed for sighthounds, byt can be worn beautifully by any breed.

As a part of their sustainability mission, Canem Studio has paired up with Lillunn – an Iconic Norwegian wool fashion label to supply them with wool.

The soft pure new wool of the Janki collar provides comfortable support and allows for a soft cushioning when your dog is pulling against the lead. The collar is designed with a classic slimline cut and fitted with solid cast brass hardware.

Wool is a great choice for sensitive skin, it is naturally self-cleaning and has a great ability to prevent bad odors.

Produced in

Oslo, Norway


  • Solid cast brass hardware (Nickel free)
  • Vegetable tanned leather from Sweden
  • Lillunn pure new wool from the Gol area of Norway


Grey to off white with Black leather


Note! All Canem products are Made to Order, which means that it is produced for YOU and only after confirmed order. It will take Thea and her team up to three weeks to make your product, so remember to add this to the shipping time.

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Buckle to first setting: 24cm

Buckle to last setting: 28cm


Buckle to first setting: 28cm

Buckle to last setting: 32cm


Buckle to first setting: 32cm

Buckle to last setting: 38cm


Buckle to first setting: 38cm

Buckle to last setting: 44cm


Buckle to first setting: 44cm

Buckle to last setting: 52cm

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Leather is a material that loves to get used! When properly taken care of it ages gracefully and will last you a lifetime. Wool naturally prevents bad odours and is self-cleaning

If cleaning is needed, use a damp cotton cloth and leave to dry. When dry, apply a thin layer of leather fat with a soft shoe brush, a soft cotton cloth or even better – directly with your hands. We recommend using a colour neutral colour, natural leather fat without silicones. A natural, chemical free leather fat will agree with your dogs coat too.

After washing or after a wet and rainy day out, it’s a good idea to let your leather goods dry at room temperature. If the leather is dried in high temperatures, for example on a warm bathroom floor or radiator, it might retract and get dry and stiff. We use only vegetable tanned leather for all the products that will be in contact with your dogs skin and fur. Vegetable tanned basically means that the leather has been dyed with natural products like oak, spruce bark, quebracho, olive leaves and mimosa bark. By using vegetable tanned leather, we eliminate the risk of allergies that can be caused by chrome tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather will age more naturally than chrome tanned and this will result in a more individual look over time. Nude coloured products will get darker  when used and when leather fat or conditioner is applied. In summary: use your leather goods as much as possible, keep them clean and apply fat and love on occasion.

In summary: use your leather goods as much as possible, keep them clean and apply fat and love on occasion.


Brass is a metal that is completely free of nickel. We use solid brass hardware in our products to eliminate the risk of nickel allergies. It is also a beautiful material that ages with grace. Because the hardware we use is solid cast, there will never be any unwanted change in colour. Brass however can get dull over time, to get it all nice and shiny again you can simply use a brass polish and wipe with a damp cloth or use some pretty cool natural tricks:

Option 1 – Ketchup!

Simply rub a thin layer onto the brass, let sit for an hour or so and then clean with hot soapy water.

Option 2 – For more heavily tarnished brass

1/2 cup baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp of salt into a small bowl. Mix the ingredients together and apply a thick layer of the paste onto the brass. Then simply rinse off with cool water.



Mother nature took care of this one for you. Wool is self cleaning and has a great natural ability to prevent bad odours. For a quick and easy clean you can simply hang your woollen stuff in damp shower air or out in a fresh natural breeze and your dogs smelly adventures will be gone overnight. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth.

If you are feeling the need for a more thorough cleaning, all our wool products can be washed on a 30 degree machine wool cycle. When laundering use a wool suitable detergent. For more heavy products like blankets its a good idea to lay them out flat to dry so they don’t stretch out of shape.

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