Garf Hektor Dark Grey Wool sleeve

Quality collar in leather and wool that lasts a lifetime

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The Garf sleeve is made specifically to fit our HEKTOR collars, they are interchangeable, available in a range of colours and machine washable at 30°. The sleeve is knitted locally from Norwegian wool and designed to be playful, customizable for every mood and to provide comfortable cushioning when your dog is pulling against the lead.

Note! This product is Made To Order, which means that it is produced for YOU and only after confirmed order. It will take Thea and her team up to three weeks to make your product, so remember to add this to the shipping time.

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  • Virgin wool from Romsdalen


Dark Grey

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L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL


Dark grey, dusty pink, Yellow



Fits perfectly with our HEKTOR//collar

in size x-small


Fits perfectly with our HEKTOR//collar

in size small


Fits perfectly with our HEKTOR//collar

in size medium


Fits perfectly with our HEKTOR//collar

in size large


Fits perfectly with our HEKTOR//collar

in size x-large


Fits perfectly with our HEKTOR

in size xx-large

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Mother nature took care of this one for you. Wool is self cleaning and has a great natural ability to prevent bad odours. For a quick and easy clean you can simply hang your woollen stuff in damp shower air or out in a fresh natural breeze and your dogs smelly adventures will be gone overnight. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth.

If you are feeling the need for a more thorough cleaning, all our wool products can be washed on a 30 degree machine wool cycle. When laundering use a wool suitable detergent. For more heavy products like blankets its a good idea to lay them out flat to dry so they don’t stretch out of shape.

Shipping info

How its made

Excellent working conditions

This product is made by hand by Thea, the human, in her studio located in Norway.

Supporting traditional skills

This product is handcrafted, made to last, and every aspect of the production is done with quality and craftmanship in mind. By using old techniques of leather craftmanship, Thea is preserving local heritage and keeping handcraft in mind.

Low carbon footprint

This product has a low Carbon Footprint. as Canem only work with suppliers who are constantly looking for new ways to make their work green. All materials are sourced as close to the production sites in Norway as possible, this leather is from Sweden and the wool is from Norway.

Low toxic

The colouring process and treatment of  the wool used in this product is done in a controlled manner and where all chemicals are used in a controlled manner, and no contaminated water runs out into nature.

Waste reduction and water saving

The way of treating leather with vegetable tanning is done with respect for water use, and also takes into consideration that all excess material should go back into production or otherwise come to use. Therefore water is rinsed in the process and in addition to not containing any chemicals, it is cleaned according to Swedish law before going back into nature. The hair from the leather hides are used as fertilizer, and the sludge get used in the building business and becomes bricks

Reducing waste with made to order

All Canem products are made on demand, not before you order them, which also saves the environment from overproduction.