Flare Sleeve Sweater


Cool Classic long knit sweater, made to last.

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15% Mohair
85% recycled Cashmere


Off White

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How it's made

Excellent working conditions

This knitted piece is made in a family owned workshop near Barcelona. There is a long textile tradition in Catalonia that comes from the nineteenth century, and everything is done in small quantities and with fair pay for every worker.

Supporting traditional skills

Lana Serena manufacture this part of their collection in Barcelona. This erea and its surroundings areas stands out for their importance in the textile trajectory.

The raw material supports spanish shepherds and sheep by paying a fair price for the wool that allows them to keep practising transhumance. Why transhumance is so important? Because the quality of the wool depends on how well sheep are feeded. By practising transhumance shepherds guarantee the best grass for their sheep.
Additionally, transhumance has been part of spanish culture since the s. XIV. So it is part of spanish rural cultural heritage.

Animal Welfare Pluss

Lana Serena use spanish merino wool and regenerated italian cashmere. All our knitwear is one hundred percent pure wool. No synthetics. Lana Serena takes pride in being part of the Spanish heritage. The merino wool comes from spanish transhumant herds of sheep.


This product is biodegradable and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials when worn out.

Low Carbon Footprint

By doing all their production in Spain, and sourcing her materials as close to home as possible, Lana Serena saves a lot of travel miles and carbon emissions in the production process. The whole process of shearing, washing, separating and spinning the wool is done in Spain.

Waste Reduction

By using recycled cashmere, Lana Serena is using an pre-used resource to make something new of excellent quality.

Non Toxic

All the raw material used for this product is non toxic, no colouring, all natural materials.

Recycled Cashmere

You need four goats to knit one cashmere sweater. Lana Serena’s cashmere yarn is regenerated from the industrial surplus of the best italian spinning mills. They believe that this premium and scarce fibre deserves at all times a high-end use. What is recycled cashmere? It is cashmere reused from industrial surplus. It is redone into yarn to be use again. To do so it has to be mixed with a small percentage of 5% new merino wool. Why recycled cashmere? Cashmere is a precious raw material but also the overpopulation of cashmere goats is the cause a cause of desertization in Mongolia and China. Recycling this noble fiber is our way to show respect to its far away origin.

Local wool as a resource

Anna, the founder of Lana Serena, discovered that Spanish shepherds were discarding the wool or selling it at a loss. Spanish wool had been an extremely precious commodity and a source of wealth and tradition. And today it seemed that it no longer had value. She thought the balance between animals, shepherds and countryside was breaking. And it was followed by the destruction of centuries’ old traditions and trades. She therefore decided to connect these resources with the fashion marked and make design with a fashion appeal which at the same time preserved and recovered cultural heritage in a sustainable way.

High quality

Each piece is a tribute to the senses and a timeless beauty. Excellence is Lana Serena’s priority. We work with the best materials and workshops to guarantee the highest quality knitwear.

The aim of Stone brand is to create knitwear with a quality superior to what you find on the mass marked. Therefore there are made no compromises in any part of the production process. Mohair is an extraordinary and unique natural fiber. It´s hair is straight and fine, which makes it very soft and gives it an incomparable shine.

Stone brand’s products are designed to last a lifetime. The label believes there is a new way of consuming, where long lasting products and quality goes before temporary fast fashion. They believe in “buying less, buying better” and they are happy to be part of the Slow Fashion Industry.




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Hand wash cold wool/silk program with mild detergent.


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