Drop Ring


Fluid ring with rounded silhouette.


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Note! This product is Made To Order, which means that it is produced for YOU and only after confirmed order. It will take Idamari and her team approximately 4 to 5 weeks to make your product, so remember to add this to the shipping time. If you need a size which is not in the drop-down menu, you choose Custom Made. and write your size in the information window at checkout and we will follow up.

Produced in

Berlin, Germany


Choose between
925 sterling silver,
18 carat goldplated 925 sterling silver or
14 carat solid yellow gold

Additional information


Gold, Silver, solid gold

Jewelry Sizes

48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, Custom Made

Eco Info


Supporting traditional skills

Both in her own production process and in her small German subcontractors process, the traditional craftsmanship of working with precious metals are used.

By buying a IDAMARI product, you support this slow and close process, where old knowledge is kept alive, and where your product has been touched by hands all the way from raw material to finished product.

Supporting local industry

Ida’s raw material is bought from a German refinery. She use a small family factory in Germany for the guilding process. The chains are bought from a German company who do their production in the country.

Excellent working conditions

All products are handmade in the designers studio in Berlin by Ida herself. An intern is present 3 hours, once a week. Ida is carefully making sure that they both use required and adequate protection equipment like goggles and cloves, and that all use of chemicals is done in a ventilated room, in a proper and secure way, with the right protections and right storing of products. She follows MSDS sheet advice for handling, storing and disposing of chemicals. Ida also makes sure there is proper lighting and that the workbench is built with ergonomics in mind.

In regards to all of IDAMARis small German subcontracors, they are all guaranteed to have good working condition, adequate pay, no forced labour or child labour, and to follow German law when it comes to sick leave, maternity leave etc.

Low Carbon Footprint

All raw material, processing and production is short travelled, as IDAMARI works with a local silver refinery, suppliers and manufacturing companies in Germany. Whenever possible the tools purchased are produced in Switzerland, France and Germany, and in as close proximity to the production as possible.

Eco Gold – Recycled silver

The local refineries in Germany use 100% recycled eco silver whenever possible, and all scap from production is carefully collected for re-use. The company is the first in Europe to deliver conflict free gold. In her own production Ida also makes sure to take care of all scraps for reuse, taking every little piece back to the refinery for remelting.

Reducing Waste – Made To Order

All of Ida’s products are normally Made To Order, but this spring Ida will not be offering MTO. This still does not change the fact that everything we do have in store, is still handmade in Ida’s studio in Berlin.


This product does not contain any animal matter ore byproducts from animals


Approximately 7 mm on top and tapers down to 2 mm in width.
Dimensions: W: 7 mm


The best way to find out your ring size is to get it accurately measured by a local goldsmith or jewellery store.

48      15,3mm
49      15,6mm
50      15,9mm
51      16,2mm
52      16,5mm
53      16,9mm
54      17,3mm
55      17,5mm
56      17,8mm
57      18,2mm
58      18,5mm
59      18,8mm
60       19,1mm


This product is shipped from Germany.


NOTE! If from Norway, go to our Norwegian site



3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)


3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)


3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)

Rest of the world

7-10 business days (+ production time when applicable)


14 days open return from the day you receive your order. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer. Want to return a product? Mail ut at return@jfcurated.com and use your ordering number, and we will follow up.

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