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Beautiful top with lace knit.

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Lightweight knitted sweater with beautiful feather and lace knit details front and on sleeves. Designed with high roller neck, ribbed back and raglan sleeves. This 100% wool sweater works just as well dresses up as a practical sweater underneath other clothes during wintertime.

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100% Organic Wool



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Eco Info

Excellent Working Conditions

This product is made in Lithuania. Every worker is paid fair wages, and the factory follows modern standards for safety. Novanne Jhons keep a close relationship with their production sites, as both the conditions but also the quality of their products is vital to them. Novanne Jhons will never use forced or child labour, they will never exploit humans or animals, and they will always make sure workers get a living wage, not only minimum wage.

Supporting tradition skills

Your garment has been carefully considered from start to finish: from the initial design, to the sourcing, sampling, production and distribution of every item.

Organic Wool as raw material

The organic wool in this product is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard. It is grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards that protect the environment and wildlife. Natural methods are used to manage soil quality, diseases, and other issues that arise during the farming process. It is not made with use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides that strip land of nutrients, and artificial chemicals and GM (Genetically Modified) crops are banned.

Organic products do not produce sewage sludge or ionizing radiation, and the organic materials have been sourced with use of natural pesticides. The treatment of the material and the coloring process is also chemical free.

High Quality

Novanne Jhons aim to produce clothes that last for a lifetime, and which can be worn over and over without loosing its beauty and comfort. This fabric is super sturdy and meant to last a long time. The brand always starts out with the raw material, as they consider this an important part of all choices they do afterwards. Like: is this product easy to wash and take care of? Will it tolerate many washes? Novanne Jhons are on a mission is to build a vertically sustainable fashion and art brand, and it all starts with quality of the raw material.

Non Toxic

The raw material of this product is not treated or made with the use of  chemicals.


This product is biodegradable and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials when worn out. Remove tags, buttons and belt-ring before composting, and remove thread later on as this will not biodegrade.

Low Carbon Footprint

Novanne Jhons keep the garment production as close as possible to home. The sourcing is made in Europe, even though some of their suppliers have their raw material production further away. No production is done outside of Europe, either in their studio in Sweden or in one of two production collaborators in Lithuania and Portugal.

Reducing waste with Made to Order

Novanne Jhons focuses on highly innovative patterns, reducing the waste to the max. All their designs are built on the No Waste principle, trying to make a result of nearly no waste at all. This product is made on demand, not before you order them, which saves the environment from overproduction. The part of their production with is made in pre-produced stock, is only done in  low minimum orders.


Novanne Jhons have a plan laid out for their customers on how to treat the product in the best way over time, and how to dismantle and get rid of it somewhere far ahead in the future. As they’ve made this commitment, it has also made them more aware of not choosing mixed materials or materials that make the recycling process hard for their customers. This product is 100% organic, contains no chemicals and can be biodegraded quickly in home or garden compost.

Sustainable Packaging

Novanne Jhons only use biodegradable paper-based packaging and FSC certified boxes, tissue, tape, stickers and hangtags. They also always ask their suppliers to reduce the usage of plastic bags when sending samples.



Designed for a close-to-body fit

European sizing

Model is 174 cm and wearing size XS

Got questions about size, colour or fit?  Ask us here!


Cold wool program with mild detergent, suited for wool products.


This product is shipped from Norway or Sweden.

For Norway: go shop at our Norwegian site
Rest of the world: taxes and duties may apply upon arrival (find out more here)

Christmas Delivery 2021

If you want your product to arrive before Christmas make sure you:

(Includes production time)


Place order latest: 7th of December


Place your order latest 7th of December


Place your order latest 7th of December

Rest of the world:

Place order latest December 7th of December

Didn’t make it before the deadline?

Don’t worry! Most of our products are handcrafted after ordering, and this is an important part of taking the time it takes, when creating a product of high value and with lots of love in it. We are therefore able to, if you order after the deadlines stated above,  send you an “in the making” photo from the designer making the ordered product. We hope this can give an even greater feeling of getting close to the process behind the product, and make it even more exiting waiting for the real thing arriving in January 2022.


For Christmas we do returns until 14th of January 2022. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer. Want to return a product? Mail us  here and use your ordering number, and we will follow up.

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