Oversized Shearling Jacket / Beige


The shearling coat of your life, slightly oversized and reversible.



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Cut for a slight oversized fit with a soft shoulder which gives you a cozy wrapped up feeling, and it can be worn on the inside-out, depending on your mood.

Produced in



100% Icelandic Shearling



(Possible to order in black and light and dark warm brown, . Choose Custom Colour when ordering and we will follow up)


Note! This product is Made To Order, which means that it is produced for YOU and only after confirmed order. It will take approximately 30 days to make your product, so remember to add this to the shipping time.

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Eco Info

Excellent working conditions

Your product is crafted in Chongfu town of Zhejiang province in China, a community known for its fur and leather production. Soyaaulait have been working closely with the factory in order to build a strong trust, and with trust comes the knowledge that each product is created by workers who get fair pay, good working conditions and reasonable hours.

Supporting traditional craft

Soyaaulait work endlessly to encourage their supplier steadily developing their workmanship by spending enough time in each piece they make, by paying attention to details and by feeling proud of their products.

Along the production line, skilled crafters are using age-old knowledge to make the fur into jackets. Once the manufacturer acquires the pelts, several important steps must be taken before the coats and jackets are actually made. First, matching pelts are selected, then, patterns are cut by hand by highly-skilled crafters. Finally, the pelts are sewn together.

Animal Welfare

This coat is made from the sheep that survived the very cold and harsh weather of  Iceland. Icelandic sheepskin sets it apart from other type of sheepskin because of their isolation, and the Icelandic sheep have been kept from cross breeding with sheep from the other parts of the world.

The sheep welfare surveillance is extremely strict in Iceland. Not only regarding diseases but also handling. Moreover, during the summer months, the Icelandic sheep are roaming free in their natural habitat.

Made to order

Most of the Soyaaulait shearling coats are made on demand. By doing this they avoid unethical overproduction, and are more conscious of the impacts of products on workers, communities and  ecosystem.

Low Toxic

The amount of chemicals used in this product is from the tanning and dying process, and has been minimized in an environmental-friendly degree and there is no chemical waste impact in agricultural fields.

Holistic Fur

The fur used in this product comes from the food industry and the whole animal is used for food purposes. Also, this way of using fur, where the product is reversible and can be worn both with leather and fur side out, also makes sure that the properties of the raw material is used to its full potential.


Made to Last

A piece of well-made shearling garment is a lifetime investment. The idea behind this shearling collection is to design and craft and quality-based timeless piece with strong focus on both aesthetic and functionality, and which can easily pass through generations.

Shearling coats are not only incredibly soft, they are also amazingly warm. They are also strong and rugged, warmer than duck or goose down, and lighter than fur in terms of weight. A shearling garment is certainly an investment and if taken care of properly, will be part of your wardrobe for the rest of your life. Note that shearling coats are not damaged by moths or any type of insects. Also note that Soyaaulait offers 3 years guarantee for its shearling products, and lifetime repair service with a small service fee.


True to size (fitted to be slightly oversized), choose your normal size.

Emma is a size 36, 168 cm high and wearing a size S

Got questions about size, colour or fit?  Ask us here!

Length       88cm
Bust           116 cm
Waist         116 cm
Shoulder 61 cm
Sleeve.     50 cm

Length       89 cm
Bust           118 cm
Waist         118 cm
Shoulder 63 cm
Sleeve.     52 cm

Length       90 cm
Bust           120 cm
Waist         120 cm
Shoulder 65 cm
Sleeve.     54 cm

Length       91 cm
Bust           122 cm
Waist         122 cm
Shoulder 67 cm
Sleeve.     56 cm


Shearling are strong and rugged, and if you take proper care of your coat, you’ll have this garment for the rest of your life. Shearling is also warmer than duck or goose down, and lighter than fur in terms of weight.

Shearling coats are easier to take care of than you might think. It is usually not necessary
to take them to dry cleaners; however, most cleaners can remove visible dirt or stains.

Most shearling coats are also water resistant and won’t be damaged if cared for properly. Coats that have gotten wet from rain or snow must be dried at room temperature, once they’re dry, water spots are simply brushed off.

When the coat is not in use, it must be stored in a dry place, as mildew may pose a problem. They should be wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a cardboard box or a flat surface. Shearling coats are not damaged by moths or any type of insect.

This coat has 3 years guarantee for its shearling coat line, and lifetime repair service with a small cost.


This product is shipped from Scandinavia.

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Rest of the world: taxes and duties may apply upon arrival (find out more here)



3-5 business days for Europe


3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)


3-5 business days (+ production time when applicable)

Rest of the world

7-10 business days


14 days open return from the day you receive your order. Customized orders are not returnable, but will have a high degree of guarantee for fit. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer.

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