Cashmere Pants in Light Brown


Supersoft comfy knitted cashmere pants.



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High-rise. Long straight comfy legs. Slips on with elastic waistband. Cashmere will stretch a bit with wear.

Emma wears her knitted pants with Nature Hommage white sport bra top in recycled plastic, classic trench from BITE Studios in 100% Organic cotton, and No/An bag in green suede leather.

Produced in

Zhejiang, China


100% Cashmere


Light Brown

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beige, Brown


L, M, S

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Eco Info

Excellent working conditions

Your product is crafted in Zhejiang, in collaboration with a contractor who works with a few yarn factories and their own knitting factory. In 2018, Soyaaulait makes sure, through site visits and dialog with their agent that all workers get fair pay, good working conditions and reasonable hours.

Animal Welfare

The wool used in your sweater is sourced from goats which are raised with respect to natural instinct and social patterns and are not part of large farming, performing over-grazing and again leaving the farmland unusable. The high degree of animal welfare is also evident in the fibre, which holds e the highest quality.

Cashmere as raw material

Cashmere is the fine (dehaired) downy undercoat shed by goats living in the high, dry altitudes of Eurasia. It lies beneath the coarse outer hair and provides insulation from the cold.

The Soyaaulait cashmere comes from goats grazing on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, a region known for its climate with cold winters and warm summers. In the spring, the goats are locally combed by hand to extract the soft undercoat. The wool is then being washed and sent to factories to be spun into yarn before being sent to knitting mills in China.

It takes a Kashmir goat four years to produce enough hair for one sweater.

Low Toxic

This product is knitted with uncolored yarn, where the natural colour of the wool is the colour of the product.  This reduce water and no chemicals are needed to dye the product. Earlier in the process, when treating/washing, there are used some chemicals, but they are kept to a minimum.

Made to Last

Soyaaulait has their core in craft and quality-based timeless piece with strong focus on both aesthetic and functionality, and which can easily pass through generations.


Your garment is biodegradable as it contains 100% untreated wool, and will at one point in the future, biodegrade when placed in an environment with other biodegradable matter.


Emma is 168 cm and wears a size S.

Fits true to size, choose your normal size.

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Gentle wash Machine program with mild detergent or baby shampoo. Do not use any softener.


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