Camelwool Sweater


Crewneck sweater in baby camel.



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Raglan sleeve and ribbed hems. Camel wool is gathered as the animal sheds its coat or combed by hand. The hair is also thermo-regulated to stay warm in the cold and cool in hot temperatures which makes the sweater warm yet breathable. Camel is also a very light weight fiber.

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100% baby camel wool ( fine 18-18,5 micron, carefully sourced, camel hair from Mongolia. Spun and top dyed in Italy.)


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Excellent working conditions

This product is made in Lithuania. Every worker is paid fair wages, and the factory follows modern standards for safety. MASKA keeps a tight relationship with their production sites, as both the conditions but also the quality of their products is vital to them. They also constantly challenge their status quo and evolve to do better.

Animal Welfare

The camel wool in this product comes from the Mongolian nomads who have been using and breeding camels for centuries. The hair is collected not by cutting it of, but gathered as the animal sheds its coat and when the animal is combed by hand.  Both the outer coat and the undercoat are gathered at the same time and, later with the help of combing, the coarse outer hairs are separated from the finer ones.

Made to Last

The aim of MASKA is to create knitwear with a quality superior to what you find on the mass marked. Therefore there are made no compromises in any part of the production process. The yarn comes from the finest pure lambswool, spun in a historical British mill established more than 200 years ago. The raw fiber is traceable down to growth area and the spinner work closely with suppliers to ensure animal welfare.

Your product is made to be versatile, timeless and last for a lifetime, and hopefully even pass on to the next generation! MASKA only use strong, natural fibres which have beneficial properties, they believe in slow fashion – an unhurried processes.  The label believes there is a new way of consuming, where long lasting products and quality goes before temporary fast fashion.

Your garment has been carefully considered from start to finish: from the initial design, to the sourcing, sampling, production and distribution of every item.

Supporting traditional skills

The process of making this high quality yarn involves time consuming slow techniques, which are evolved and harnessed over centuries.  This way of doing production supports craftsmanship that in many parts of our world are about to be forgotten.

Use of Camel wool

This yarn is made from carefully  sourced, very fine baby camel hair from Mongolia. Camel wool is gathered as the animal sheds its coat or combed by hand. The hair is thermo-regulated to stay warm in cold and cool in hot temperatures which makes the garment warm yet breathable. The final fabric is characterized by high drape, lightness and durability.

Camel is also a very light weight fiber. It consists of cashmere, inter-blended wool, and fleece. The coarse fiber is also waterproof, that is why nomads use it for coats and the outer layers of their yurts. Pure camel wool has high moisture managing properties and even becomes softer with use.

Non Toxic and biodegradable

This yarn is not coloured or treated with chemicals and is therefore also biodegradable. Besides the tags you can at one point a long long time from now, put it in a compost bin with other biodegradable matter, and it will turn into dirt.

Traceable Supply Chain

To get the symbol of traceable supply chain is one of the highest ranking credentials we’ve got. This implies a high degree of responsibility taken by the designer to know every step of the production chain, and also choosing suppliers who’ve shown a high degree of transparency and good intentions in their production setup. With this product from MASKA we can proudly add the symbol of Traceable Supply Chain.


The size is Unisex, so if you desire a closer fit, choose a size smaller. Product photos: Andreas is 185 cm high and wears a size M, Alma is 174 cm and wears a size S

Length                62 Cm
Chest With       106 Cm
Sleeve Length  81 Cm

Length                63 Cm
Chest With      112 Cm
Sleeve Length  82 Cm

Length                65 Cm
Chest With      118 Cm
Sleeve Length  83 Cm

Length                67 Cm
Chest With      124 Cm
Sleeve Length  84 Cm

Length                69 Cm
Chest With      130 Cm
Sleeve Length  85 Cm

Wider chest and tighter at the bottom hem.

Got questions about size, colour or fit?  Ask us here!


Hand wash Machine program with wool/silk detergent


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