Bella Collosal Knit / 100% Merino

A REAL statement knit jacket from Hope Macaulay!



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Features large stitching effect and colossal balloon sleeves.Handknitted using a luxurious 100% merino wool, a natural, renewable, biodegradable fibre which has a super buttery soft feel. Hope Macaulay garments are wearable pieces of art, that are bold and vivid experiences.

NOTE! These pieces are made in small batches. If we are sold out, your can easily pre-order, with an estimated delivery of 3 weeks up to 2 months. If you want to know exactly how long it will be until we’ve got new stock in store, ask us here . You can also get alterations in colors and size of your knit. Just let us know when you contact us.

Produced in

Northern Ireland


100% soft jumbo un-spun merino wool


Multi-colored pastel mustard yellow, pink and mint

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Eco Info

Excellent working conditions

Your knit is produced all over Northern Ireland by a small team of knitters and seamstresses – and also by the founder Hope herself. It s a slow process and a skill for knitting and crafting is necessary to be able to meet the quality standard that Hope demands. The knitters are therefore carefully selected and work on their own terms and in their own pace.

Animal welfare

The wool used in your sweater is sourced from sheep who are  raised with respect to natural instinct and social patterns and are not part of large farming, performing over-grazing and again leaving the farmland unusable. They are inspected in regard to their working environment as well as their land management and environmental impact. The high degree of animal welfare is also evident in the fibre, which holds e the highest quality  and is RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)certified. The RWS is a voluntary standard, so farms apply to be part of it and are only accepted if they reach the correct standards. These farms are inspected and meet not only the 5 freedoms criteria, but also further welfare standards for their animals such as no mulesing.


Your product is made in 100% merino wool, and first and foremost made to last a long time, but when, once upon a time far in the future, the wool is safe to dispose in a compost bin, and will biodegrade in less than a year.

Made to order / small batch production

This product is made on demand, though JF Curated makes sure we’ve got some items in stock for you to purchase ready-made. The slow way that Hope does her production saves the environment from overproduction and also elevates the value of each product. They avoid unethical overproduction, and are more conscious of the impacts of products on workers, communities and  ecosystem.

Low toxic

This product is colored, and in this process chemicals are used, as the colour must resist wear and tear. The process is however a closed loop, where all toxic material are kept in controlled manner and disposed correctly.

Supporting women

This product supports local production, and mainly the work of women. The women working with the knitting are able to adapt their professional skills, allowing for social and economic self-dependency. Hope also makes it possible for them to work from their local areas in Norther Ireland.


UK & AUS 6-12 12-16 16-20
USA & CAN 2-8 8-12 12-16
EU 34-40 40-44 44-48

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Please follow care instructions to maintain appearance and extend the life of the garment.

Hope Macaulay knitwear pieces are made using soft and luxurious un-spun wool and yarn, which requires extra special care to maintain their look – similar to a chunky knit blanket!

  • Please do not wash in the washing machine, but when that is said, spot cleaning is almost all you need with clean wool products. They do not smell of sweat and just hang them in fresh air for some time to make unwanted odor disappear.  If you should be unlucky enough to get a stain on that doesn’t go away with spot clearing, we recommend professional dry cleaners (hopefully a green one).
  • How to do spot clearing:  if you have any small stains on your printed garment or knitwear piece, use a cloth with cold or warm water and pat the area. Do not use soap or rub the area, as it may result in felted wool/yarn, and do not use to hot water
  • How to store your knit: Folding your knitwear piece into a drawer or box is always the safest storage option. Although, if you would like to hang your knitwear piece up in your wardrobe, we strongly recommend using non-slip hangers with rounded edges. Hangers with pointy edges may snag and poke through your knitwear piece.
  • Pilling: Please take into consideration when you receive your super colossal knitwear piece that pilling may occur when worn. This is totally natural and due to the delicate, luxurious nature of the un-spun wool/yarn. Pilling is loose fibre, shedding or little balls that form when the knitwear piece is worn. This may happen more on the inside of the garment due to the friction against our clothes.
  • Taking care of pilling:  recommend using a good quality knitwear comb to brush through your knitwear piece. Sharp scissors can also be used to remove any pilling or loose fibres, but be extremely careful not to cut into your knitwear piece. If the pilling is very loose, you can also very gently pull off with your fingers, but please be very careful not to pull too hard!
  • More care tips: We recommend using a technique called petting! The same technique that is used on chunky knit blankets. This really works. By petting or stoking your chunky knit, it can bond any delicate fibres together. Also giving your knit a little shake is also a great technique to get rid of any dust and keep your knit looking fresh.
  • Tails: Sometimes loose ends can come out of your colossal knit. These are called tails, and they are not a sign of unravelling – just a little tail that needs to be tucked back in again.  When Hope Macaulay are knitting the garment and finish a row, they end up with a little tail, which is tucked in so it is out of sight. Occasionally due to wear, these might pop out again, and simply needs to be re-tucked.
  • Outside wear: We do not recommend wearing your Hope Macaulay knitwear piece in the rain or snow, unless you keep it dry by protecting with a coat! If you do happen to get caught in the rain in your knitwear piece, it’s not the end of the world! When you come back inside, take off your knitwear piece and lay it on a flat surface to dry completely. Do not hang it up when it is wet, as this may put pressure on the knit due to heaviness caused by absorbed water.

You can also click the button below to watch Hope’s detailed knitwear care video:


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3-5 business days (DHL Express) + production time if you join waiting list


3-5 business days (DHL Express) + production time if you join waiting list

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14 days open return from the day you receive your order. Returns must be sent and payed for by customer. Want to return a product? Mail us here and use your ordering number, and we will follow up. NOTE! Custom Made orders are not returnable, but has a high degree of satisfaction guarantee.

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