Back and Shoulder Pack Navy Blue


Designed to function both as a backpack and a shoulder bag, just by some simple pulls in the straps. Opens and closes with a zipper, and also has a small hidden open pocket on the top. Suitable for a 13″ laptop computer (with a thin sleeve on).


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Produced in

Borgarfjörður Eystra, East Iceland by Freyja Jónsdóttir


Icelandic reindeer leather
100% Cotton Canvas
Metal snaps and studs
Leather is soft and the natural texture is kept visible

Additional information



how it's made


Made by local artisans on Iceland

Supports traditional methods

IIIF work with independent contractors, like leather-goods producer Freya who make the bags, and Þórhallur who makes the antler pieces. They know traditional methods of harvesting and treating the raw material with care and respect. They also make sure to use every possible inch of the raw material.

IIIF know all collaborators and producers personally

IIIF have a close process with all collaborators from design to finished product, and takes the craftsmen into their production all the way. To have this close relationship is a prerequisite for IIIF.

Tanned with controlled and redused use of chemicals

All IIIF’s reindeer leather is tanned and colored at a tannery on Iceland. This tannery have received the REACH regulation that applies to use of all chemical substances, from production to day-to-day life at the production site.

Reducing waste

Through their work with Icelandic artisans and hunters who want to use both what they can source from nature, and all of the material that they harvest, IIIF are helping reducing waste.

Leather sources from regulated hunting

All leather used, comes from reindeers living wild, and are shot within quota by skilled hunters. They are an introduced species on Iceland and lives wild in the East and the South East parts of the country. Reindeer travel in flocks and there are estimated 7000 animals on Iceland.

Hunters can apply for reindeer hunting license and yearly around 1200 tags are issued. This is a necessity for both nature and animals, to avoid overpopulation, since the land can only tolerate a number of reindeers. The hunters also see the importance of using the whole deer.


29 cm x 40,5 cm x 10 mm


How to clean

The bag is quite weather resistant but do not hesitate to clean it if you see stains.
Cleaning leather does not require a trip to the dry cleaner. If your bag gets stained, wash it gently in your hands in 30 degrees warm water with a gentle chemical-free soap. Normal hair shampoos will actually do the job. Then let it dry on a towel away from sunlight.

It is also recommended to soak all of your bag into the water bath, even if it is only a small stain. This minimize any variations in colour, since water can leave small differerentiations on leather.


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