Amy Merino Top


Merino wool blouse with a small subtile Turtleneck




Lace details on the sleeves. Made of 100% unbleached and uncolored merino wool. Zipper in shoulder seam. Wear it as a set with Kea pants or with any pants or skirt in your wardrobe.

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100% unbleached and uncolored merino wool.
Lace: 100% Acetate


Off White

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offwhite, White


34, 36, 38, 40, 42

Eco Info

Excellent Working Conditions

This product is made in a family driven workshop in Tunisia. Fete Imperiale takes responsibility, not only for their own team in France, but also for partners and subcontractors.  They are involved in the process to such a degree that they can ensure that their set of standards are being upheld. Here every worker is paid fair wages, and the factory follows modern standards for safety. They also make sure to use fixed-term contracts when possible.

Low Carbon footprint

Fête Impériale has chosen to work with partners as close to home in France as possible. This product is made in Tunisia, on the other side of the Mediterranean, and though it is on another continent, the travel distance is still closer, and the transportation of goods is done via Sea freight. The logistics partners and transporters Fete Imperiale work with are also committed to reducing their carbon footprint.  When it comes to the raw material, this is also sourced as close to home as possible. With this product, the wool has its origin Austria and the fabric is woven in Italy.

Water Saving

The factory in Tunisia uses machines which limits water use.

Supporting traditional Skills

Fete Imperiale work with workshops, suppliers and production sites chosen for their quality, expertise and know-how. This product is made by skilled staff in a small workshop in Tunisia. Each product is cared for and touched by hands. The workshop is selected for its mastery and its coherence with Fete Imperiale’s values. They use century-old know-how and carries an extraordinary intangible heritage, which is strengthened in that area.

Low Toxic

The merino wool is uncolored and unbleached, and 100% chemical free. The lace used at the arms is synthetics but OEKO tex certified. In the process, there are here used chemicals but  the process is closed loop, where all toxic material are kept in controlled manner and disposed correctly. Fabric technical sheets ca be provided if required.

NEGATIVE: Use of Virgin Polyester

At JF we work hard to avoid taking products onboard which use virgin polyester, and when our designers choose this as a raw material, we investigate why to make sure we can vouch for their choices. Here, the virgin polyester is used as lace at the arms, and could have been avoided. We strongly encourage Fete Imperiale to make other choices when it comes to embellishments in their future designs, and we will not onboard any design from them in the future with the same kind of choices.

Focus on quality and commitment to improve practices

Fete Imperiale are committed to continuously improve their production chain, from choices of fabrics to production partners and suppliers. This means that synthetics are sometimes chosen as a means to keep the quality high even longer, as long as a natural or recycled counterpart doesn’t exist in the same the characteristics . As they each season do their research, they will however always look for the best alternative when it comes to ALL levels and details of each product, and as the range of ethical alternatives grow, Fete Imperiale are committed to making the changes they can towards an even better production.

Quality focused and low volume production

The fashion industry is known for its scale and production in large quantities to achieve higher profits. Fete Imperiale actively choose not to take part in this overproduction and also to make attention to quality and details of each design high.

Recycled and upcycled packaging

All hang-tags are made of 100% Recycled Paper and all labels 100% Recycled Polyester. Fete Imperiale also practice active waste management to make sure to leave as little as possible behind in the packaging and shipping process.


This product is partly biodegradable. The extra fine merino wool is uncolored and unbleached and can be composted in a compost bin with other biodegradable materials when worn out. Remove tags and buttons before composting, and remove thread later on as this will not biodegrade. The lace is 100% polyester and not biodegradable. These must be removed before the product is placed in compost.



A bit small on size. We recommend choosing one size larger than you normally would.

Model is 178 cm tall and wears a size 36

Got questions about size, colour or fit?  Ask us here!


Machine wash 30°. Do not tumble dry. Use mild detergent without bleach. Iron or steam at medium heat. Hang to dry. Remember, washing less is more sustainable.


This product is shipped from Norway.

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