Ethically Produced

These designers have gone a long way!!

At JF Curated good ethics has a lot to do with trust. We have to see the designers dealing properly with their own moral, and principles.
All designers under JF Curated’s umbrella must show a strong will to work towards a total control of their production, this is a given. But some of our designers have worked for several years already, or started out with a total plan within ethics to begin with, and are getting really close to a total ethical production control in all levels of their business.

After several years of hard work, there is no doubt that these are viable in growth and responsible in their production while doing so. These are our Ethically Produced-designers, and to become one shall not be an easy task.

Their emotional investment in their company is still evident.
They still question themselves to come up with the most sustainable solution of the given options.
They are making choices that are better for more people than themselves.
They actively demand answers from people around them in regards to right and wrong.
They have a standard for right conduct and practice that everybody involved in the production chain is aware of, and they know them to their fingertips.
They still approach their designing, sourcing and manufacturing, both in a socially and environmentally conscious way.

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