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Founded by women, designed for the quality and environmentally conscious woman. Swedish Stockings hopes to pave the way for “eco-friendly” hosiery to become commonplace and a staple in the luxury hosiery industry.


The start

Swedish Stockings is the result of Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, identifying a problem in the everyday lives of many women. They realized how often women disposed of ripped or worn out stockings and therefore started researching more about the production aspect of hosiery.

Linn and Nadja, the entrepreneurs behind Swedish Stockings
Linn and Nadja, the entrepreneurs behind Swedish Stockings

Their discovery was that hosiery production is not eco-friendly at all and is actually harmful to the environment. This motivated them to find a way to create products made from recycled materials that are kind to the environment.


Common goal to make a new standard

Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg have based their company on their own values.
The two women met in Stockholm in 2012 through mutual friends and quickly became inseparable, and it didn’t take long to decide on a business idea that they were passionate about: environmentally conscious fashion. They saw a gap in the hosiery market for sustainable products. Soon after, Swedish Stockings was born.

The worlds first eco friendly stockings where born

The two entrepreneurs strive to blend high fashion luxury and top quality with environmental sustainability. All of the products are made of recycled nylontread, and the beautiful packages are also made out of recycled materials. To protect the products during their journey, all packages contain small plastic bags. Please be good to the environment and recycle them as soft plastics.


Products from Swedish Stockings