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A gutsy Russian avand-garde fashion brand, producing on demand streetwear with a closeness to process, and a genuine artful purpose that we’ve never seen before. JF Curated LOVES!


“In Russia we started to call an ‘outlaw’ any person who confronts the mass culture: the aggressive and militarized approach set by the Russian government. ‘Outlaw’ is the one who stands up for liberty, freedom of speech and fights for rights of various minorities in Russia.

Our stuff is for open, free spirit and creative people. The name Outlaw at the same time describe Moscow street style. Our goal is to build a high quality Russian brand, that can be recognized in the world”

Maxim Bashkaev and Dilyara Minrakhmanova, co-designers

Everything from Outlaw Moscow is customizable and tweakable.

Below you will find a selection of design from Outlaw Moscow.

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