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Kokosina is a small sized design company specialized in leather goods. All products are handmade with heart, and with the slogan “We manufacture for people, not for catwalks”

Kokosina was founded in 2011 and originates from St. Petersburg in Russia. The labels top quality everyday bags and backpacks are made out of genuine Italian leather, and combines exquisite craftsmanship with streetwear and practicality.


Kokosina leather rolls
Kokosina leather rolls

The creator of the company Alexandra Kosova, started the brand as an experiment, creating a line of leather bags for her friends, and she had no ambition to ever make a living of it. Her background is a master’s degree in Architecture and design from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.

Long story short: Alexandra started out acting intuitively, crafting the items by herself at home with the help of a vintage singer sewing machine that she got from her grandmother.  Kokosina was soon growing all on its own, without the need of any investors or loans. Shortly after, the first workshop was opened and the production was made in a more professional manner.

At this point Kokosina have professional seamstresses and one person working on manufacturing in their bigger workshop in St. Petersburg in Russia. The international smaller workshops are based in Rome, Italy and in Riga, Latvia.  The items are made of genuine Italian leather that is purchased from the Tuscany region. Every single product is made from scratch by one seamstress, until it’s completely finished. It takes more time, and therefore adds cost, but it enables them to achieve the superior quality that characterizes the bags.

Kokosina’s goal is to go “glocal”, to use local craftsmanship and raw material, and spread it around the world. Just Fashion will do everything we can to help them out:)

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