Islandic reindeer leather from IIIF
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Icelandic trio with an aim to enpower skilled crafsmen.

Working with nature

IIIF consists of the three designers Agla Stefánsdóttir, Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir and Thibaut Allgayer. They met in the Kolding School of Design and have been overlapping each other’s personal and working life ever since. The designers established their work relations during the Icelandic product development project NorthEast10. IIIF was founded as a platform for the designers to keep on working and develop products together. The trio specializes in complementing fields: art direction, fashion design & product design.


“IIIF care about the qualities and nature of each material we work with and make products that originate in Icelandic/French materials, concepts, contexts and manufacturing processes”


Reindeer in the icelandic landscape
Reindeers are an introdused domesticated animal on Iceland


Respecting tradition and craftsmanship with new methods

This Icelandic/French design collective respect traditional manufacturing methods and local production, but also seek to push and reinvestigate further in order to create something new. They are in charge every step of the way, from sketching the first idea until the final product.

The label released their first collection SERIE N°1: REINDEER August 2013 , a collaboration with local manufacturers in the East of Iceland

They have now moved on to work on a  traditional glass collection made in France and only available in chosen stores, but also a blanket made with traditional Icelandic raw material, soon coming to us online.

IIIF hope to give many skilled local craftsmen work on in the future.

Icelandic reindeer from above
Icelandic reindeer seen from above



The name IIIF comes from the English word if. In the design process there are many “what if” moments. IIIF seeks to ask as many “what if” questions as possible to examine all surfaces of the matter. The letter I also refer to Iceland and the letter F to France.

Icelandic nature
Beautiful wild Icelandic nature


Products from IIIF