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Architectural luxury shoes made on demand


The designer

Ines was born in Lisbon, Portugal and started her fascination with shoes and her signature geometric lines, angles and sleek silhouette at a young age,. She pursuit her love and enrolled as a student at London Fashion School and graduated with honors as the top of her class. After winning the distinguished Best Fashion Student Award she got an internship at Jimmy Choo for six months. When the doors opened at Jimmy Choo headquarters in London she had a chance to learn directly from the ancient shoe master and study the branding super machine from the inside. Then it was time to get that dream out of the paper into the production line. Thus, GUAVA shoes were born.

Guava founder Ines
Guava founder Ines

“Sometimes I feel like the world is so beautiful, that every detail explodes into inspiration, which fills my head with lines and shapes, allowing me to dream wide awake”


Establishing her how brand

Ines returned to Portugal but didn’t stay long. She left to work for high end furniture brand Boca do Lobo in New York, and thus strenghtened her knowledge about contruction and structure that later on became usefull. In between working she was always doodling shoes. Always. Then it was time to jump into it!


GUAVA: The beginning of a Design Journey

So with a ton of sketches under her arm, Ines started knocking on the shoe manufacturing-doors to produce shoes with a never seen before geometric heel. In the beginning, she was totally shut down. The industry didn’t seem to be prepared for her ideas, and though Portugal have a long shoemaking tradition, no machinery were yet available for this tip of constructions. It never stopped Ines though, she continued believing and fighting for her dream, sure of the fact that she would be able to break down the industry barriers of conservativeness. And she made it.


“Every day I feel truly grateful for doing something that I am really passionate about – to design shoes for those who believe, like I do, that design makes the world better, more beautiful, distinctive, full”

Ines Caleiro