GIS Organic avocado oil
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GIS Organic, established by the two Norwegians Tonje E Dahlstrøm and Helen G Håndstad, delivers two brilliant clean products, a 100% cold pressed Avocado Oil and an Avocado Oil Lip Balm.


Avocado farm in Crete

GIS Organic (produced by Green Inspirations AS), was established when Tonje, who were regularly staying in Lappa in Crete discovered and got to know the neighboring certified organic avocado-farm. This is a family farm that grows the avocados and makes oil of the fruit they produce. There, in collaboration with the Manousaka family, started a journey that up until now have resulted in two brilliant products, but are in time meant to grow into a clean certified range of skincare products.

The fruit is pressed to oil in the local oil press factory in Episkopi, a fully organic process where the oil is mechanically pressed from the whole fruit.

GIS Organic avocado oil
GIS Organic avocado oil

The Oil

The oil is 100% organic with no additives. It is naturally rich in lecithin and Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, H, K, PP, Ωmega 3 & 6 and excellent for multiuse. It can be used as everything from face oil to body or bath oil to treatment of cold-sores, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, scars or sunburn. The oil is vegan, the lip balm contains beeswax.

Try it out! Just Fashion have, and we are thrilled! :)


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