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Elsa makes unexpected multiple function jewelry with a starting point in sustainable thinking.

A one woman show

Swedish born Elsa Esmeralda Hedberg is so far a one woman company, with the main production limited to collaboration on casting with an established studio in London, and production by hand in her own studio in Stockholm. Part of the collection is Made to Order and Bespoke, and parts are pre-produced.

Elsa is connected to other art fields, with music being her second work erea. Combining the craftsmanship and artwork of making jewelry with being a musician strengthens both universes. Elsa wants her pieces to contain more meaning than just being something to dress up in. She likes your interaction with what she creates and what happens to it when you use your creativity. Share it with her if you want to!


Elsa's tube bracelet featured in editorial in anOther Magazine, 2014. Styling: Mattias Karlsson
Elsa’s tube bracelet featured in editorial in AnOther Magazine, 2014. Styling: Mattias Karlsson


The Geo Collection

The latest Elsa collection of rings are cast at one of London’s best casters’ workshops and then carefully finished by hand and plated in Stockholm. All materials used are recycled.

Georock irregular ring in rose gold plating
Georock irregular ring in rose gold plating

The Bioresin Collection

Elsa discovered Bioresin, or “the eco-friendly plastic”, while she was a student in England. The material is derived from sunflower oil, and makes a successful alternative to traditional polyurethane based plastics. Bioresin is a sustainable material  from a renewable source, the overall making process of the jewelry pieces is ca 40 % organic 60 % chemical, but the way Elsa and her suppliers use, store and dispose chemicals make the process low toxic in environmental impact. Elsa is also always working on reducing waste, incorporating cut-offs into new pieces etc. and all metal residue is handed in to be recycled. The collection is inspired by and called “Sushi”

Elsa Maki slice double ring necklace in milky white
Elsa Maki slice double ring necklace in milky white


Elsa studied at Académie Des Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden, goldsmithing at Copenhagen Technical Academy, and jewelry design at Sir Cass department of Art, Media and Design in London. Since graduating, she has earned her experience with heavy names within the jewelry industry and exhibited her work all over Europe. As a craftswoman she is a master of many materials and techniques, while aesthetically a lover of multiple function, alluring colours, and simple shapes.

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