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Just Fashion symbol holistic leather
Just Fashion symbol biodegradable
Just Fashion symbol energy saving
Just Fashion symbol low carbon footprint
Just Fashion symbol low toxic
Just Fashion symbol waste reduction
Just Fashion symbol water saving
Just Fashion symbol labour welfare pluss
Just Fashion symbol supporting traditional skills
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Australian brand AVGVS (pronounced “aw-guhs”) is a new breed of conscious luxury brands taking the slow route.



“Once upon a time all accessories were made in the ‘slow’ method, built to last many years and possibly even be passed on to ones children.

We believe every product we create should be enduring. From a quality standpoint we are uncompromising, using only the finest construction techniques and materials – from our stitching techniques to our use of ion-plating for hardware to ensure plating doesn’t fade or wear off, our focus on longevity is unwavering.

Our brand is founded on the principles of conscious capitalism, which is about ensuring that the commitment to “do good” for People and Planet is deeply embedded into everything the team does and becomes the responsibility of every team member”

AVGVS founder, Rosanna Iacono

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