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Anne Gorke founded her label in 2012 and has fought for a long time to prove that you can be sustainable and at the same time deliver high end fashion that belongs on the international catwalk scene.


The Bauhaus spirit

Anne Gorke has her roots in the German city of Weimar, which is where the Bauhaus originated, and this is also home to the designer herself. The Bauhaus spirit and creative energy comes across in the architectural use of form in Anne Gorke’s designs.


designer anne gorke
designer anne gorke

Sustainable raw materials

Anne only works with sustainable materials. The textiles are organic and fairtrade, like the cotton that comes from USA (organic and fairtrade), and the silk that comes from an Indian spinning mill (and is fairtrade and organic), and the leather that is from Germany (vegetable tanned and coloured, and fairtrade) All fabrics that are used in Anne Gorke’s collections are certified, for example GOTS certifid cotton and Ecarff and BIOkreis leathers.


“Sometimes the types of materials you can choose are limited, but these limitations add an element of excitement and really make me think about how I want to realize a certain design.”


anne gorke organic cotton jumpers with logo
anne gorke organic cotton jumpers with logo

The story behind the label

Anne studies at the Bauhaus University, and it was also at this stage in her life she startet to experiment with textiles.

When she first had started, she couldn’t stop.

Her atelier still lies in Weimar, and a significant part of production is done in and around the city, by local workshops and craftsmen and women the designer knows personally.


Anne Gorke visiting a farm the work closely with
Anne Gorke visiting a farm the work closely with

””For me it is important to stick to my beliefs and go my way. You receive a lot of mean comments when you bring your sustainable label into competition with “normal“ brands. But I do not mind because I know that there are more and more labels following: having their own design, and their own aesthetic language and yet working sustainably. “


anne gorke "take a trip" collection
anne gorke “take a trip” collection

From the spring/summer collection 2016, a divided production between Germany, Poland and Portugal is set up. This because the brand is growing, and it is now difficult to maintain a cohesiveness while doing all production in Anne’s own studio. Working conditions are however excellent at all three facilities, and all tailors are skilled and using their expertise within tailoring.


From the campaign during Berlin Fashion week
From the campaign during Berlin Fashion week