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2.9 Oslo / Madrid


All the strong beautiful women….

Photo: Max Igland, MUA: Mia Hammer, Model Emma Gangdal


Cat Haave styling it her way




Aixa Villagrán
Photo: @kaothic_alice


Carmen Villanueva
Photo: @maritutunni


Esther Acebo
Photo: @alvaroserranosierra


Ada Martini, styling it her way


Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen Photo: Max Igland MUA: Mia Hammer


Karoline Holmstrøm Ulateig, Photo: Max Igland, MUA: Mia Hammer
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Why alpaca?

This is Grace, the woman behind the label Graciela Huam.

Founder Graciela Huam
Founder Graciela Huam

She is born in Peru, but her collections are born in ­the Netherlands, and then manufactured in her homeland.


We sat down with Grace to have a talk about how her beautiful high quality pieces are made, and we were especially curious about the use of alpaca wool as raw material. For us Norwegians, they are quite dreamy strange and really, really cute animals, so we wanted to know a little bit more about them.

Alpaca wool as raw material

JF: So Grace, what is an Alpaca?
Grace: An Alpaca is an animal native to the Andes, where they’ve been domesticated for around 5000 years. They are in the family of the Camel, but don’t have the humps. In addition to Llamas that are also domesticated, you find two wild types, the vicuña and guanaco, who still continue to roam in wild herds today.

There are again two types of Alpacas, one is fluffy with the softest fleece that makes them like a teddy bear. The other grows silky loose fleece in beautiful locks.

The alpacas are sheared once a year, usually in the spring, before the heat of summer begins, to not make them feel uncomfortable. Since the Alpaca is such an excellent insulator, cold winters don’t bother them as long as they have their fur.


JF: What are their features, and what are the qualities that you like best with this animal?
Grace:’ For one, they are recognized globally for their soft and luxurious fiber that is lightweight, durable and has excellent thermal qualities.



But something that I like and love about Alpacas is their personality. They are smart, adorable, gentle, calm and pretty social. Many times also nervous, curious, shy and quiet.


JF: How did you end up with the idea to use alpaca wool?
Grace: I am Peruvian,  and I’ve been working already for more than 5 years in sourcing, and then specializing in alpaca wool and Peruvian cotton. I am pretty passionate about natural resources and my country Peru. I live currently in the Netherlands, now my second home, and my mission is to create a connection between Peru and the Netherlands, bringing together European design with the traditional techniques of knitwear in Peru.

Our choice of raw material is key for the development of this design. With these choices we also support Peru as a supplier and we support the small farmers.

JF: How does it affect your collections and what is the impact you have when you choose this type of source for a product?
Grace: By choosing the way we do, our customers will find collections that are built on the unique combination of superb quality, innovative craftsmanship, sustainable lifestyle and traditional techniques.


We’ve already launched 4 collections with this talented team.

The impact we have is our whole ethical supply chain, but the animal in itself is a really good sustainable choice. A normal alpaca produced 2 to 2,4 Kg of fiber each year, enough to make 4 to 5 sweaters.  In comparison, a cashmere goat generally only produces enough wool for 1 sweater a year.

Alpaca fiber is softer, lighter and stronger than cashmere and sheep wool, and it doesn’t feel prickly against the skin. It is also lanolin free, unlike sheep wool, which means that it holds less allergens, bacteria and dust. Also, there are 22 different natural colours, ranging from white, grey and brown to black, which means less dying of yarn.

JF: Thank you for your time Grace! 



Take a look at Graciela Huams products here

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5 for: September



September is on us and fall is officially here. We tend to pull back, into our homes and into our selves. Time has come to look over what we have and get a more clear view of what we own. Sometimes that means organizing and cleaning out our wardrobe. Clearing out what´s no longer in season, take care of the pieces that might need some extra love, putting our fall coat back on the rack and prepare for our fall wardrobe.

We in JF Curated love the pieces that always just works, regardless of season, weather, occasion or mood. Garments and pieces that makes you happy when you open your closet doors, that makes you feel safe that they will keep following you year after year, making the transition from summer to fall easier.

1. SHE-Necklace // Yoster

Yosters ambition and vision is creating structural jewelry to bond with, feel empowered by, and one day want to pass on. The SHE necklace is hand made and produced in Tel Aviv, and comes in gold plated silver or sterling silver. This is a proper go-to necklace, which can always give your outfit the edge it might need, while at the same time being classic, timeless, and almost a piece of art in itself. Yoster makes several high quality chunky chains, earrings and rings with both structure and sculptural qualities. See more from Yoster here.

2. Short organic wool trench coat // BITE Studios

Swedish brand BITE Studios makes garments so high in quality it makes you happy just by touching them. This coat is inspired by the classic trench coat, which we all know just works. It is double breasted, featuring storm patch, back yoke and vent, epaulettes and sleeve straps, everything a coat needs from exciting seam work. Also it goes well with about everything. The coat works perfect on the more chilly days, made in organic Melton wool with a dense texture and a heavy feel it will keep you warm in the months to come. It also has an oversized so it will fit a chunky knit underneath on the even colder days.

3. Braided knit wool sweater // BITE Studios

You know that one wool sweater that just feels like it could solve all the worlds problems? At least thats how it feels when you´re getting dressed on a cold fall Monday morning. This sweater has the most amazing shoulder details, voluminous and very much in style at the moment, while they´re also giving it the unique advantage of being a basic garment while still standing out. It goes perfectly with everything from wide jeans, fitted skirts, relaxed slacks or tailored trousers. It´s heavy structured and soft in all the right ways, made by 80% GOTS certified organic wool, 15% alpaca and 5% nylon – which will help it hold its shape even longer.

4. Blossom hook earring // Hyrv

Can earrings make you happy? Get some help keeping a hold on summer with the beautiful yellow, egg yolk colored amber in these earrings from estonian brand Hyrv.  They produce on order, focusing on sculpture. The Blossom-collection is, as its name suggests, inspired by flower bouquets and colors from the scandinavian nature, and each piece can be combined to heighten that effect. These earrings are both small and versatile, while still being just that pop of color an ordinary outfit can need on a grey september day. Check out their entire collection here.

5. Organic silk shirt // BITE Studios

Last but not least, the classic shirt. And the classic shirt certainly doesn´t have to be white. This dreamy silk shirt in light khaki green has a clean and straight cut which both makes it versatile and flattering to most body types. The color can be combined with both monochrome and more bold colors, and the long cuffs makes the shirt stand out without influencing the durability of the design. Silk is not only amazing on the skin, but it´s an amazing material that can both feel flowy and light by in the summer, while having an isolating and warming effect when layering it in fall. Try layering the shirt over a thin polo sweater!