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Curated by: Charlotte Dos Santos


We invited the talented musician, soul- and jazz-singer and songwriter Charlotte Dos Santos to share her thoughts on life, art and fashion. And of course to curate her JF favorites and share her best style tips.

We admire Charlotte, both for the music she makes, her style and personality, and as an empathic, emotional, stubborn and wandering human. She´s a traveller, with her heart placed in different countries and continents at all time, but she is especially connected to her Brazilian heritage.

In fashion Charlotte is inspired by unconventional shapes and movement. She describes her style like a mood ring, which continuously changes color based on her mood. But – she hates being cold and loves comfort, and since she’s born the sign of the pisces – she’s addicted to comfortable shoes.

Sweater: BITE Studios
Earrings: Yoster

JF: Hi Charlotte! Where are you based these days? 
Charlotte: Right now I´m based in Oslo, but I travel a lot between Oslo and London where I play at festivals, do shoots and press that leads up to my new release. I´ve also been very excited to share the news that I have just signed with a new record company!

JF: How do your music come to life, and whats important to you when you make music? 
Charlotte: First of all I need new experiences and impulses, to travel and grow so I don´t stagnate. My creative process is very spontaneous, but mostly I can feel something coming on and just know when I need to make something. I´m also very emotional, and if I invest my feelings enough in something, it can become food for my music. Other than that I just need calm and quiet, my usual writing equipment and a keyboard.

Dress: BITE Studios

JF: Who do you want to be for the people who listen to your music?
Charlotte: I think I would like people to create their own image of me, as who they need me to be for them. The most important part is that I can be me for me. It took some time for me to figure out that it was totally ok to be who I am. Now I never compromise when it comes to that.

JF: What is important to you when it comes to fashion? 
Charlotte: I get fascinated by shapes and movement. I find unconventional shapes really interesting. Shapes that challenges what we´re used to and what looks “right”. Other than that it´s of course important that it is flattering on the person wearing it. I´ve also noticed that my style and taste in fashion changes with me as I grow as a person and as a musician. Almost like a mood ring that changes colors!

I also love finding new, small and independent designers. The thought that someone has been working on what I´m wearing as a school project once is so unique and fun! I´m also looking forward to the day I can wear Haute Couture, of course, but that´s still in the future.

Coat/showpiece: Eline Dragesund

JF: Whats the first thing you notice about a person?
Charlotte: Aura, radiance and energy. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. I feel they always tells someones story.

JF: How do you plan when getting dressed? 
Charlotte: I´m one of those people that always puts comfort first. I hate being cold! I would never compromise on that and will chose being warm above all else. When I dress for my stage performances I have to think about movement, how I can breathe and move as relaxed and free as possible

JF: Do you have one garment in your wardrobe that always just works, regardless of weather or mood? 
Charlotte: No, I mostly dress by mood. Also I love unique items so my wardrobe mostly consists of vintage, second hand or garments from independent Norwegian designers. When it comes to vintage-shopping it mostly comes down to treasure hunting or luck, more than the functionality of each item. Vintage-pieces are rarely very versatile. Sometimes it fits perfectly, but is wrong for the weather. And as we all know the Norwegian weather is so changing and can go from freezing cold to really hot. Also I´m not the kind of person with only black clothing in my wardrobe.

Coat: Maja Stabel
Coat: Maja Stabel

JF: What do you want to say about the items you picked from JF Curated?
Charlotte: Comfort is a key factor for me and will always be a starting point for what I´m wearing. I often fall for pieces that I can wear for many different occasions; at a party, at an event and also in my day to day life. I also love to mix things up in my own way, to give it a personal and unique expression which is only mine. These pieces from JF Curated were perfect for that.

The silk dress from BITE just stood out and caught my eye. The two-piece with a jacket and a skirt from Ingrid Pettersson gave me that perfect Clueless, 90s-vibe, which I love. You feel sophisticated and well-dressed, and also it´s made in wool! Warm! Altså i love two-pieces because they are so versatile and  can be used both together and apart. I chose the coat from Maja Stabel because of the amazing color, shape and material, an the fact that it was really flattering on me. Now when fall aproaches, a coat like this could save the entire season for someone like me who gets cold easily.

Jacket: Ingrid Pettersson
Skirt: Ingrid Pettersson

JF: What are your thoughts on fashion and a sustainable lifestyle? 
Charlotte: As mentioned I own mostly vintage or second hand. Much because I try to be a conscious shopper but also because I love unique stuff. I find fast-fashion very difficult, especially how more high end brands can have the same poor production and quality as the fast fashion chains. So I try to do my best, but it´s of course really hard. I find quality really important, and I´m so happy I found JF Curated and learned to see all the possibilities. To actually see a change happening now in the fashion industry makes me so inspired.

JF: Can you mention three of your favorite clothing items? 
Charlotte: I´m so boring like that! I´ve never had a favorite song or favorite food. I´m either really indecisive or it´s just that I like so many different things. But if I have to mention something it must be my jewelry, I will always love and treasure my collection. As well as comfortable shoes.

Coat: BITE Studios
Shirt/dress: Eline Dragesund
Pants: Veja Kocarik

JF: What do you dream about?
Charlotte: As a child I dreamed about growing up to be a musician or a pop-star. Very on point. Nowadays I just dream about being able to keep working with my music. Other than that I have smaller dreams and goals, like buying my own house og an apartment. And of course I have a dream that I´ll never get to comfortable with my own situation, that I can keep that fire in me that will make me try to do good things and try to make a change in this world.

JF: To you have a cause that is especially close to your heart? 
Charlotte: I´m half Brazilian and half Norwegian, and I feel very strongly connected to Brazil and the Amazonas. My great grandmother was indigenous, something I think has left traces in me as well. The wellbeing of nature, the rainforest, tribes and different indigenous people is definitely something close to my heart. Other than that I care about people, and I hope that when I feel more grounded in life I can do something to help others, maybe by teaching.

Dress: BITE Studios Necklace: Yoster

JF: If you could change one thing about the world, what would that be? 
Charlotte: Og my god, there´s so many things! I would definitely wish for empathy to be one of the most distinct feelings in us humans. I think lack of empathy is the root to most of the problems we face in our society today.

JF: What do you think the world could do without?  
Charlotte: Trump, Bolsonaro, money. I think a trading system would be nice. Also, mosquitos?

JF: When are you at your best? 
Charlotte: When I´m in Brazil or in a new, warm place. When I´m on stage, or when I´m with family and loved ones. I love the little moment and connections between people, between the old and the young. Especially when you don´t see each other as often. I´m totally dependent on family, and wan´t to keep everyone together and connected.

Sadly it´s been a while since my last visit in Brazil. My new album is sort of a homage to my Brazilian and Norwegian heritage, so I´m planning to make a music video to one of my songs (where I sing in Portuguese) in Brazil.

Dress: BITE Studios
Earrings: Yoster

JF: Can you name three of your own favorite songs? 
Charlotte: I´m totally obsessed with the songs on the new album – the newest single that will be out in October is called “Harvest Time” and is my current favorite. Other than that the songs “Move On” og “Red Clay” from my album  “Cleo” are favorites!

JF: Where do you like to go out in Oslo at night? 
Charlotte: Fuglen, OsloVelo and Torggata Botaniske.

JF: What´s your latest Google-search? 
Charlotte: The Eihei-Ji temple I visited in Japan last spring. I´m currently working on something really exciting in Japan, and I´m so excited to share it soon!

Sweater: BITE Studios
Earrings: Yoster

JF: Which words do you think you use the most? 
Charlotte: “I love you”, “I need coffee”, “production value”, “when´s the deadline”, “amazing”.

JF: Whats your guilty pleasure?
Charlotte: Ru Pauls Drag Race. Not guilty though!

JF: What makes you angry?
Charlotte: Ignorance, toxic masculinity, missing empathy, racism, megalomani (hi Trump and Kanye West).

JF: What makes you happy?
Charlotte: Love, thoughtfulness, music, animals, nature, wine, the sea, food, dancing, community.

Thank you, Charlotte!

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Why 3D Printing?

Banner Yoster

This is Hila, the woman behind Yoster Jewelry brand


Hila, founder of Yoster jewelry
Hila, founder of Yoster jewelry


Hila works with two main suppliers, the caster and the plater, and both are small family run businesses. The 3D printing is a growing part of the jewelry industry and this combination of new and old is a necessary part of the development of the craft. With this process you also leave no excess material behind, and it can save a lot of waste in the production process.

We had a talk with Hila about the way she’s been trying to implement 3D printing in her production process early on.

3D printing as production process


JF: Hi Hila, nice to have this talk with you! So, we are wondering, how does 3D printing of jewelry work? 
Hila: In the past few years, the jewelry industry has been transformed with the introduction of 3D-printers, which are capable of producing easily-castable, high detail parts. “3D printing jewelry” doesn’t mean directly producing end-use pieces of jewelry. In other words, jewelers don’t 3D print golden rings. Instead, we 3D print highly detailed wax models of the desired rings, which are later used to make molds, like the traditional of the disappearing wax technique.

And all Yoster’s pieces finishes are done by hand, so the evolution of the jewelry is quite interesting. Backwards form tech – to handmade! :)

the Yoster studio
the Yoster studio


JF: How did you come up with the idea to use this type of process?
Hila: I studied 3D print during my BA degree in jewelry design. We studied the software for 2 semesters, and in the following semesters we had some projects that we must produce by 3d printing. To be honest I was one of the worst in my class, I am not “a computer person” and this software is very complicated for me, though the benefit of it is amazing! Actually my ‘3D climber earring’ is the result of a class project in my 3th year degree (six years ago) –  and it is the first 3d printing jewelry that I ever did, it was such a success and it goes with me ever since  (it is funny I named it after it- but it is a reminder for when it all started)


JF: That’s so cool! How does it affect your collections to use this process? 
Hila: Yoster’s designs are accompanied by a sense of timeless objects that was found in nature which are delicately treated to make fine jewelry. When I start to work on a new model, I start by sculpting with wax, when I get to a point where i see i don’t get the result i wish, not precise enough or i see it is going to be very heavy, or just that I don’t have enough time to develop it, so I understand it should be by 3d printing. before i go to 3d printing i must have a wax model (to gain an appreciation of a form and structure), drawing and images of inspiration reference. So the result of it is by combination all of it. As i mentioned before that working on that software is not easy for me, so I have an amazing engineer digital technology modeler who I work with to help me build my designs. We sit together with the wax and drawing and building it up together.

3D printing development process of the Chain earrings
3D printing development process of the Chain earrings

JF: What is the impact you have when you choose to use this type of process for products? 
Hila: By 3d i have control on everything (weight, dimensions etc..) it allows me to express my creativity and imagination without limits.

I can see the exact result without spending 1gr of materiel. Yes, of course, it happened to me that after I printed I was not satisfied and then I print again, but as I have more and more experience with 3d it happens less.

In addition, manually crafting jewelry molds can be quite expensive, whereas 3D Printing is a quick manufacturing technique that also allows you to easily change the design of the digital model. Working with a 3D printed piece versus a wax piece takes a quarter of the time. It’s not just the time I saved, it is what else I’m able to do with that time that has been the biggest savings.

Finished product! :)
Finished product! :)

Thank you Hila! 

Check out all jewelry from Yoster here!



“Yoster is named after my parents, Yosi and Ester. In their short lives they’ve taught me the two most important skills for an artist, how to touch and how to believe”