About JF Curated



Why does JF Curated exist?

Because the world is ready for something slow, something different, something with higher value, something that does not have a plan to expand indefinitely, and take the route that gives high volumes and the most revenue.

JF Curated is taking the mass production out of fashion. We are taking the personal involvement back into it. And yes, fashion was called fashion before mass production. This is what Vogue said, January 1940:

“We take this stand and will maintain it against all comers: that fashion is no surface frivolity but a profound instinct… As long as there is taste and coquetry, desire for change and love of selv-expression, a sense of fitness and a sense of fantasy – there will be fashion…”

Many of the companies today presenting sustainable fashion do not present fashion at all. Fashion needs to have some kind of relevance, timeliness and to be contemporary. It needs to be creative, and be made by somebody with a vision and talent. There is nothing wrong with new collections, new seasons, new visions, what needs to change is the pace, efficiency margins and volumes that are not about creativity at all.

There are so many players around taking part in the green trend, but so few who really want to change the pace. And the more players the more washed out the words, concept, expression Sustainable Fashion gets. It doesn’t sound exciting and not at all creative and goose bumps-enhancing. And fashion needs to be just that!

So instead JF Curated and I focus on quality, strong visions, impeccable attention to detail, great customer service, the possibility of tweaking stuff, and to take part in your own product. As long as we are able to, we will listen to and meet any request that you might have. To us, to me, that is JF Curated.

Hugs and love from,

Marte Djupesland, founder