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The Story of Canem Studios

We are happy to introduce our newest member to our gang, Canem Studios. Made by dog lover, Thea, the human.

Graduated from Esmod Oslo in 2012 with the collection “Imago AW 12/13”, for which she won the prizes “best modelism ladies wear” and “ the jury foreman’s prize by Bjørn Brunn (Bruuns Bazaar). Winner of the Norwegian Fashion Week competition, with the collection “Skimtede Vesen” in 2011 alongside with Graphic designers Daniel Lied and Julius V Langhoff. Thea Dyring has explored these different stages and designed a collection with the goal of capturing the transformation through the use of textures, patterns, prints and 3D-shapes.

The idea and the founder

Her vision was to create a dog brand that leaves as little footprint as possible, while still creating beautiful hardwearing designs for our best friends. The idea came from wanting sustainable dogwear, in beautiful Scandinavian style for her three dogs. Located in Norway, Canem studio is a“ made to order” brand. To reduce waste the team only make pieces that are ordered beforehand. It´s Thea herself that makes all the dog gear, from her home in Oslo.

Sourcing close to home

The brand focus on trying to source as much materials as possible from Scandinavia, supporting local and environmentally friendly production. They have pieces made of virgin wool from Romsdalen and all their leather is vegetable tanned leather, mostly from Tarnsjø Tannery in Sweden.  The leather used is sourced back to a specific farm in Sweden.
To reduce fabric waste she recently started working with getting excess textile from the Norwegian brand Lillunn. They provide her with 100% pure new norwegian lambswool. Her next collection will only have wool from Lillunn, which means waste for both Lillunn and Canem Studios. Low carbon footprint, and the knowledge in where the material comes from are just some of the advantages.


Vegetable tanned leather

Tarnsjø Tannery have a 140 year old experience with organic vegetable tanning, and is today among the remaining 5% of tanning houses that still uses this method. This is an old school method that requires time and effort, but more on that later on. To ensure the tannery operates in a sustainable fashion they certify their business with available partners.

Vegetable tanned leather earned its name because only natural tannins are used, those found in tree barks, fruits and leaves, and usual use of Chrome is left out of the process. This ensures the the wonderful scent of 100% organic vegetable tanned leather, the unique characteristics and makes it easily distinguishable. As a sign of authenticity, no two items are the same, and the leather will gain character, reveal imperfections and reflect the individual owner’s lifestyle

Vegetable tanned vs Chemical tanned

90% of the leather you see today is chemically tanned, that means that in the tanning process its used different kinds of acid.

Chemical/Chrome tanned leather takes about 1-2 days to complete, while vegetable tanned leather takes up to 6 weeks. Tanning the leather organically is both more expensive and takes a lot longer to complete, but the results are worth it.

The leather is sturdier and gives more structure, its therefore perfect to use as collars and leads.

The advantage with using vegetable tanned leather is that its low toxic, since the materials in the methods are organic.

Check out some beautiful dog wear here!


Vegetable tanned leather

Canem Studios

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